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Sharing interesting information about Korea – Part #1

Nice to see you again on a new journey, to discover a new land!

The destination of this journey will be a country quite familiar to us on the small screen, the land of kimchi, the country of the “Oppa”

Okay, right now, I invite you to come to Korea with me to see if this country has anything interesting.


South Korea, also known as the Republic of Korea, South Korea, South Korea, or the Republic of Korea.

#first. The country has many pretty girls who look alike

When it comes to Korea, many people’s minds will probably immediately associate the image of long-legged girls with beautiful and seductive faces, often appearing in K-pop MVs, or in TV shows. Korean romantic movie (but said not to go 😆😆).

However, behind that beauty is a truth that not everyone knows.

If you were born in a country where there are beautiful boys and girls everywhere, then of course, you also want to be a part of that beauty.

However, wishing is one thing, everyone wants to have it, but fate will fulfill that desire or not is a completely different story.

For that reason, a method that most Koreans choose, especially for women, is plastic surgery.

According to a statistic, one in five Korean women has ever touched a cutlery. This rate is almost higher than all other countries in the world.

Despite facing problems such as expensive costs, physical pain or even long-term sequelae, it cannot stop the dream of being able to molt “duck to swan”. of millions of women here.

Plastic surgeons in Korea say that many patients come to the clinic with pictures of idols, hoping to become as beautiful as their idols, or simply to have a part of their beauty. that.

Now you understand why even though there are so many pretty girls in Korea, you can see that everyone has the same features 😀

One piece of advice for young people in Vietnam is that if you want to have a beautiful face like Korean singers and actors, find out carefully the hospital where you will do plastic surgery, because of the difference in qualifications. The surgery of our country and your country is great.

Be confident in your own inherent beauty, because each of us has a unique beauty that is too mysterious to take risks >.< 😁😁😁

#2. Men’s beauty

Perhaps for most Vietnamese people, beauty is only for girls, for women only. As for boys, beauty is not too important, or if it is, it is just more attention to clothes or hair.

Sharing interesting information about Korea Part 1 | Explore the world

However, for Korean men, it is different, beautifying yourself has long been a very normal thing, even it is considered a necessity.

True to the slogan “Modern boys are not afraid to be beautiful”, Korean oppas are very interested in beautifying themselves.

Every year Korean men spend more than 900 million USD on cosmetics or beauty care products, this amount accounts for more than 20% of the total amount of money men worldwide spend on beauty.

There are even TV shows that teach men how to do makeup that are broadcast every day.

It is also estimated that one out of every five young Korean men wears makeup on a regular basis.

The reason for the special care of young Koreans may be because the job market here is very competitive and of course, being handsome will be considered an advantage when applying for a job.

In addition, just like the saying “every pot is upside down” in Vietnam, to be able to cut down beautiful girls like angels, Korean young people must also pay special attention to their beauty. in order to be more compatible.

The last reason that affects not only the beauty of men but also of women, is the development of the entertainment industry – especially Kpop.

But what can I say, I don’t know in other countries, but in Vietnam, men are also more interested in their appearance, the most obvious proof is that there are many beauty services for men. In life, cosmetics for men are also more diverse than before…

#3. Kpop and the influence of Korean culture

Needless to say, everyone realizes that Kpop in particular and Korean culture in general have a great influence on the youth of many countries in the region, including of course Vietnam.

Sharing interesting information about Korea Part 1 | Explore the world

From legendary groups like Big Bang, SNSD, Supper Junior, 2NE1, .. these are names that are too familiar to young people of the 8x and 9x generations in Vietnam.

Or like today, EXO, Twice, Blackpink, etc. everywhere we can see the appearance of Kpop in the entertainment market.

In addition to bringing us good music and exciting dances, Kpop also brings “saints” named “crazy” when they can hunt, plow views regardless of idol music videos all night. clear morning.

In addition, other Korean entertainment cultures, such as romantic Korean dramas, are gradually implanting in teenage girls a program called “delusions” about ideal types. which is only available in movies (but if it was in real life, it wouldn’t be your turn 😁😁).

Since when are young Vietnamese more knowledgeable about Korean history, more knowledgeable about wars and struggles for power… than Vietnam’s own history?!

Since when did the handsome Lee family become the most talked about topic? Yes, the influence of Korean culture is so great!

Yes, and this is part #1 of the article about discovering Korea. Hope you got more interesting information from this article. Don’t forget to follow the Knowledge Sharing Blog to receive more interesting articles to come (>‿♥)

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