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Sharing interesting facts about Russia – Part # 5

Welcome back to discovering interesting things about the countries of the world.

Through 4 parts Learn about Russia I firmly believe that you guys have had many new and interesting perspectives on this country, right!

Yes, there are a lot of new information already, so today we will close this journey with the article: “Interesting things about Russia – The day of conception” ha.

#first. Date of conception

If in Vietnam we have days such as: All people vote, All people kill insects, … these days have become extremely familiar to us, then in remote Russia they also have days ” The entire people “, but the most prominent among them could not be ignored is the day” The entire people go … to give birth “or say it orally

Date of conception


Russia is facing an aging population and declining fertility rate, in 2005, the governor of Ulyanovsk state came up with a very new and unique initiative, which is to create conception day.

Accordingly, on every September 12 every year, people in this state will have a half-day break to go home and “make a baby” ᵔᴥᵔ

The reason that September 12 was chosen as a special holiday is because after October 9, after having a baby, the closer you get, the closer the Russian National Day is June 12, the more money you will be rewarded. car and many other valuable rewards.

It may seem unreasonable, but Conception Day has become an annual holiday and has brought remarkable results for Russia.

Hundreds of couples each year respond to this growing population, leading to the birth rate in June in this state are many times higher than the rest of the month.

It is true that no parents give birth just for money, but it must be admitted that this bonus will also help parents motivate to give birth, and help them have conditions to raise children. the easier one, right? 😁😁

#2. The deal of the century

My father has a saying “The golden inch of land” is to refer to a very valuable resource, but the Russian brothers may not have heard of this ethics, leading to one of the land purchases. Most fubilant in history.

Sharing interesting facts about Russia Part 5 | Explore the world

Before 1867, Alaska was a piece of Russian territory. However, due to the situation of Russia at that time was extremely difficult and worried about losing this land to the British colonialists – a direct rival of Russia at that time, so Tsar Alexander II Nikolaevick decided selling this land to a very wealthy country, America.

Originally thought this would be a silver billion mission at that time, but the whole world was stunned by the actual cost of the 1,518,800 km land.2 for just $ 7.2 million. This means every 1 km2 Americans only need to pay 4 USD or 0.00000474 USD per square meter.

Adjusting for inflation a little, the amount of 7.5 million USD in the past was only equivalent to about 123.5 million USD in 2016, or to make it easier to understand, it would be 1.8 VND per square meter.

# 3. Super huge diamond hole

Russia currently owns the largest diamond hole in the world, with a tremendous value that can be enough for the whole world to play around for a century.

Sharing interesting facts about Russia Part 5 | Explore the world

But for whatever reason, the world’s largest diamond mine is located in the Popigai asteroid crater in Siberia, Russia.

35 million years ago, a meteorite 5-8 km in diameter collided with the Earth’s surface at an estimated speed of about 15-20km / s.

The result of the collision is a 100km-wide scar on the Earth’s surface, the third largest crater in the world.

It is worth mentioning here that under the tremendous heat and pressure of the impact immediately melted tons of rock and soil and turned a large amount of graphite, essentially carbon, into another form of carbon. Diamond.

The amount of diamonds here is so large that its estimated value is millions of billions of dollars. However, due to the short collision time, the diamonds formed here are too small, only about 0.5-2mm on average, so it is difficult to bring economic benefits.

This is typical of the saying “There is no sound but no pieces” 😆😆😂.

# 4. The Russians are very superstitious

Each region, each country has things that are considered taboo, to limit bringing bad luck, and of course the people of Russia are no exception.

Sharing interesting facts about Russia Part 5 | Explore the world

In Russia, people abstain from whistling when at home because they think that all fortune will follow the flute and go out.

They abstain from going home when they first walk out the door, for example, many people who forget to bring something will deliberately walk around before going home.

When giving flowers in Russia, you should also be careful because they will only happily accept them when the number of flowers is odd, because they think that the living will receive an odd number of flowers, and the even number is only for those who have died.

Next, should not embrace or hold hands at the door, couples should not sit at the corner of the table if they do not want to have fate without debt.

Don’t shake hands with gloves on, don’t celebrate someone else’s birthday if it’s not their correct birthday.

Putting money in the hands of others is considered disrespectful to the opponent, so please limit this while you are in Russia.

In addition, the Russians also refrain from carrying anything in the house at night, even if it is trash. Don’t put empty bottles or keys on the table, or sit on the table.

The most hegemony is to mention the strange and very expensive style of Russian people when they build or buy a new house. They assume that the first person to enter a new home will die soon, so they will choose a cat to be their life ☹

However, in the case of choosing a cat and it refuses to enter the house, they will immediately leave the house to buy another.

Yes ! Above are all the interesting things about Russia that I want to share with you on this journey. Don’t forget to follow the Knowledge Sharing Blog to welcome reading your next new articles!

Serie about Russia, for now I will stop here, I will continue to write when there are more other interesting news. Please pay attention to the blog 🙂

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