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Sharing interesting facts about Japan – Part # 3

Nice to meet you again on your journey to discover Japan on the Knowledge Sharing Blog!

In addition to being known as an economic superpower, Japan is also known in many areas of art, most notably the art of filmmaking 🙂

That is why, during this visit to Japan, please join me in exploring Japan’s cinema, to see the reasons why it impresses men around the globe. ok 😀

#first. Japanese Antivirus

Maybe to many people the phrase “Japanese Antivirus” seems quite strange, but if you write it down to “JAV”, it must become extremely familiar, right? 😂😂😂.

Indeed, “JAV” stands for Japanese Antivirus, or roughly translated as Japanese adult movie.

(Ah, coming here because I’m talking about the adult film industry, so anyone under the age of 18 suggest to voluntarily go somewhere else 😁😁😁)

Mention Japan would be a huge shortcoming if it weren’t for the adult film industry JAV.

The film industry here is so developed that it accounts for about 20% of the total adult film industry worldwide revenue each year.

For many countries, 18+ filmmaking is limited due to many reasons, mainly due to cultural issues, traditional customs … but saying that does not mean that Japan is a country lacking literature. Where’s the chemistry?

In fact, the Japanese government is very supportive or exactly the promotion of the adult film industry.

Of course not for economic purposes but to encourage the people of this country to “lay” to solve the problem of the aging population – a very painful problem that this country is facing. . Don’t make up for China a little bit :))

Each year, the Japanese adult film industry welcomes an additional 6,000 actresses, among which those with high education will be given priority.

And if you are wondering if it is necessary to have a high level of education in an adult movie, whether an actor has to communicate with language or anything, perhaps it is for them to play the role of a teacher 😂 then I explain as after:

The first principle of the Japanese adult film industry is that JAV actors must always maintain a “pure body” – that is, they must not touch or do any nefarious behavior with acting. tablets.

If they violate this principle, in addition to being permanently fired from the industry, they may face legal penalties. There is a saying that has no sound but no pieces are here but @@

Sharing interesting facts about Japan Part 3 | Explore the world

Next, there are less than 100 male actors currently participating in the practice, but there are thousands of actresses.

It is more remarkable that the number of actresses is increasing as I mentioned above, and the number of men entering this industry is almost very rare.

Even, according to a Japanese newspaper site, one in every 200 Japanese women has appeared in the JAV.

This also means that Japanese actors will have to suffer a great pressure of work to be able to “collaborate” with all the actresses. That’s no joke :))

To do this seemingly impossible thing, the actors must have a very scientific diet, they also have to regularly exercise and undergo periodic health tests.

Perhaps because of this, many actors, even though they are old, still do not dare to quit their jobs, partly because of their dedication to the profession, partly because they are worried that their position will not be replaced 😂😂😂.

#2. Anime

Besides the popularity of the adult film production industry, Japan is also very famous for its children’s film industry, also known as Anime.


is a borrowed word from Animation which means cartoon.

If JAV accounts for only 20% of worldwide revenue, Japanese Anime accounts for 80% of animated series released worldwide.

Some famous Japanese anime must be mentioned such as Doraemon, Naruto, Dragon ball, Songoku Fairy tail, Conan, One Piece, …

Sharing interesting facts about Japan Part 3 | Explore the world

It might seem simple at first glance, but in reality, the average 24-minute anime episode cost is estimated at $ 100,000 to $ 300,000.

This is even more than the cost of producing live-action movies. Many of you will be very surprised, right 😀

In fact, besides production costs, for an Anime to reach viewers requires a lot of other steps, such as promotion, language translation, voiceover – things that cost a lot of money for the producer. export.

Responsible for the production and distribution of anime are called Studios, which are essentially anime production companies.

Sharing interesting facts about Japan Part 3 | Explore the world

Anime character voice sounds are entirely spoken by the voice actors themselves.

By the way, there are about 130 universities in Japan that specialize in training anime voice actors.

These actors’ salaries depend on the number of episodes they voice and can fluctuate based on the success of the anime they are participating in.

In general, the basic salary of a voice actor is quite good, so the competitive rate for this position is also very high.

Today, in addition to the traditional anime series, many anime theaters have earned great success and are growing day by day.

Besides anime, other fields such as Japanese manga and light novels are also in the top of the world.

Above is my article about the features of Japanese film production. If you see this article or please comment below to let me know your thoughts.

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