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Sharing interesting facts about Japan – Part # 2

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In the last article, I went with you to visit Japan and learn about the challenges and challenges that people here have to go through.

Also in this visit, please join me to the topic: Explore Japan – hard working people Please.

#first. Japan: A most developed country in Asia

As I mentioned to you in the previous article, Japan is not favored by nature when its land and mineral resources are extremely limited.

In addition, Japan always faces unpredictable natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tsunamis … but surpasses all Japanese people who have worked together to bring the country to development. today.

Japan today, though no longer holds the military strength as in the early decades of the last century, but Japan is still truly an economic superpower of the world.

Owning the 3rd largest economy in the world with nominal GDP in 2019 reaching 5,749 trillion USD. To have these successes, the human factor is the main driving force and also the most important.

Today, Japan pushes electronic industries, technology, artificial intelligence, economy that are in the top of the world, but the most important thing is education.

One of the pride of Japanese education is that the literacy rate of people over 16 years old is almost 100%.

#2. The country of polite people

In addition to being known for its hard work and intelligence, Japanese people are also known for being extremely friendly and polite.

Sharing interesting facts about Japan Part 2 | Explore the world

However, aside from the basic codes of conduct that almost every country follows, there are still a few new rules that you cannot find in any other country.

First, it is considered impolite to say no straightforwardly, or directly reject someone.

In addition, walking on the street while eating “mumbling” is a habit of many young Vietnamese people, but for Japanese people it is not polite and civilized behavior.

Japanese people do not wear shoes or shoes indoors, so when visiting Japanese homes, be aware that at the entrance there are often shoe racks, take off your shoes and leave neatly on the shelves for that. see you as a polite and respectful host.

Especially if you take the subway or any other public transport in Japan, you should remember not to give way or offer priority to the elderly.

This may seem ridiculous because for Vietnamese people and people in many other countries it is a very kind act, but for Japanese people who have a lot of self-esteem. this in turn is impolite.

Because they think that, whether old or young, as long as they have the same strength, everyone is equal, the fact that you give up will make them think you do not respect them. The Japanese people are really admirable, aren’t they?

# 3. The country of hardworking people

Sharing interesting facts about Japan Part 2 | Explore the world

It can be said that the Japanese are the most hardworking people in the world. Also because they always work hard with their jobs, they also enjoy a number of privileges that are not available everywhere.

In Japan, it is not punishable for you to doze off during work hours, but it is too normal because it is a sign of you working too tired.

In order to serve the commute to work of people, the Japanese train system is also said to be the most punctual in the world when the time delay is only about 18 seconds each year, helping Japanese people to ensure the time .

In addition, whether you push each other at the train station or on the train, the fact that you suddenly scream in public is also considered by the people here, due to the great pressure of work.

In particular, smoking is not condemned by society, because it is seen as a way to relieve stress of many people as long as you smoke in the right places.

# 4. Whales and dog meat

Perhaps many of you are asking the question that whale and dog meat are related to each other, moreover, it has something to do with the Japan that we are studying, right.

Sharing interesting facts about Japan Part 2 | Explore the world

Here I will describe the relationship between these unrelated things 😁😁.

If in Vietnam, the killing to sell dog meat is strongly opposed by the animal-loving community at home and abroad, in Japan, whale hunting also suffers from the same situation.

However, the Japanese are still taller than us as they continue to fish but under the guise “for research purposes”.

And of course, after dissecting the fish for research, the fish meat will be sold again as usual.

Do you think we need to study with Japanese friends in the future to develop dog meat research to avoid being condemned by the online community 🙂

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