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Share TOP 5 best TeamViewer alternatives

Surely you all know that the most famous remote computer control software (PC / Laptop) is TeamViewer, right? Through Teamviewer, you can support remote Windows repair, software installation. remotely, quickly move files between 2 computers … and a lot of other cool features.

Especially in the present time, when the trend of working remotely (working on personal laptops or Remote on corporate machines) is growing stronger than ever, due to the Covid epidemic as well as the difficult economy. towel.

Share TOP 5 best TeamViewer alternatives | Good trick

Personally, I often use VPS (virtual server) to run the web as well as some Private Game Server.

Well, instead of using Windows RDP to control a remote computer, I will choose TeamViewer, because I can add multiple machines to one account to access without cumbersome authentication steps.

I. Why use another Remote-desktop program

Please repeat a little with you that, remote support programs (Remote-Desktop) often have general features such as:

Mouse / keyboard control (no different from sitting on a real machine), fast file transfer between machines, centralized management of multiple machines, VPN through a connected machine, a single authentication connection, …

Share TOP 5 best TeamViewer alternatives | Good trick
Share TOP 5 best TeamViewer alternatives | Good trick

TeamViewer is very comprehensive with the features I just listed above, and that is also the reason why I do not want to use Microsoft’s Windows RDP (partly because RDP contains many security risks: Brute Force, BlueKeep , … easy to be hijacked by hackers).

Sadly TeamViewer is free for personal use only, if you want to use it in a corporate / commercial environment.

Or simply if you want to use advanced features such as: unlimited time, manage more devices, transfer large files, … you must buy a license.

Share TOP 5 best TeamViewer alternatives | Good trick
Share TOP 5 best TeamViewer alternatives | Good trick

Recently, TeamViewer has tightened up on allowing users to use for free, like the number of connections to 1 computer per day / month has decreased, then the user will continuously receive a “Limit” notification. , request to wait or upgrade the license, …

A lot of individual users complained on forums that their accounts are often “limited / limited” despite the very few connections, even blocked by TeamViewer for suspicion of using in corporate / commercial environments. commercial without buying copyright, …

II. TeamViewer alternatives

Well, Teamviewer’s strength is obvious, you can even use your phone to remotely control your computer.

However, what if you are limited and no longer use Temviewer? One is to try this article, or the second way is to find a replacement software.

And here I will suggest you some free tools to help you control your computer remotely without using Temviewer – ok 🙂

#first. Windows Remote Desktop / RDP

Most common users are using computers running Windows operating systems and Remote to another Windows machine, but Remote Desktop has been built into Windows and is also free => used to fire very OK!

Share TOP 5 best TeamViewer alternatives | Good trick
Share TOP 5 best TeamViewer alternatives | Good trick

(RDP is Remote Desktop Protocol, it is a form of protocol, not software, Windows Remote Desktop uses this protocol to control a remote computer, common users often call Windows Remote Desktop as RDP).

In addition to a worse interface, a bit less features than TeamViewer but not limited at all, this is an effective “instant noodle” solution for you.

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