Share of the young man who made money by watching Netflix all day: Thought interesting but not simple at all

Netflix is now one of the most popular movie streaming platforms in the world today, with a diverse and quality movie store, almost any genre has. One of the most distinctive features of Netflix-made series is to release all episodes in one season, instead of dripping one episode per week like many others.

This allows viewers to fully enjoy every new season of their favorite series (binge-watch), thereby also making the film more seamless and easier to understand. For normal entertainment purposes, this is a really effective solution and contributes to the identity of Netflix. However, if it is to make a living, which is to spend most of the day just to plow movies to make money, then it is not ideal as you think.

Plowing movies on Netflix for entertainment and to make money are two completely different jobs.

First, it must be affirmed that this is a completely real job at Netflix. Take the example of the guy Rafael Ceribelli below as an example. Rafael used to work as a tagger between 2015 and 2018. His main task is also very simple: Sit down from movie to movie, then tag the description of the genre , streamlined content so that Netflix can give better suggestions to the audience.

When watching movies to relax after a long, tiring day, we tend to choose our favorite series and genres to have a true entertainment. But Rafael couldn’t do that. Once it was related to the issue of “money rice clothes”, he was forced to follow the direction of Netflix and plow all the assigned series, not like what he saw.

Share with page Tom’s Guide, Rafael said: “Honestly, not every genre of movie suits me. There are many series that I would probably never touch if I were a regular audience of Netflix, especially content for children. Agreeing to watch the movie is for relaxation, but there are also many moviegoers looking to film as a philosophy of life, a way to stimulate the imagination, analytical thinking of the brain. I am one of them“.

Share of the young man who made money by watching Netflix all day Thought interesting but not simple at all | Manga/Film

When watching movies to make money, you will not always be able to watch your favorite series, forced to follow the direction of Netflix.

Rafael’s point makes perfect sense. After all, it is hard for us to patiently sit eight to twelve hours a day watching movies that we are not interested in at all. However, as an amateur filmmaker still on the way to gaining experience, this guy also considers this a valuable opportunity to expand his understanding.

Rafael shares: “When watching the series you don’t like, you will easily spot the ridiculous points in the script. I always ask myself “Why are they doing this?”, “Why not develop things in this direction?”, Something like that. As a filmmaker, a scriptwriter, I think this is a great way to help me improve my professional skills“.

The rigor of the tagger profession has not stopped there. Besides plowing the movie, Rafael also has to carefully record notable points in terms of genres, images, character lines to later enter into the general database of Netflix. The kind of half-hearted entertainment that makes him really tired and sometimes frustrated.

He said: “TI am very serious when doing this work, taking full and meticulous notes of what is needed. But sometimes, I would rewind unimportant scenes, or obscene lines. And the consequences came almost immediately: I was warned by Netflix for ignoring some of the details that directly affected the movie tagging. Don’t think you may want to write, Netflix will still conduct the final censorship to evaluate the quality of your work.“.

Share of the young man who made money by watching Netflix all day Thought interesting but not simple at all | Manga/Film

Not only is he plowing through the day, Rafael also has to record important details to choose the right card for each series.

But carefully plowing the movie also helped Rafael discover a lot of new series, interesting genres that he had never experienced before. And if one good day, Netflix gave him the right movie line that he likes, it is the dream job: Sitting to watch movies all day and still make money.

My friends have often joked that I have the best job in the world. But it is only true if you are satisfied with what you are doing. I love tagger work, but it is still a serious work nonetheless, and sometimes it will not be really ideal as you think. It’s not like you can mix water, make popcorn and sit back to enjoy your favorite movie. You have to be very alert when watching movies and responsible for your own tagging options for each work“.

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