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Send the ‘rich kid’ with 20 million redundant money: New Year should buy iPhone XS Max or iPhone 11 new style?

The lucky money story for each New Year still brings a sense of indignation for each house in each scene. No matter how ups and downs change, there is no denying the fact that in our group of friends there will always be one (or more) children who are “born on the finish line”, celebrate a few days with a few months’ salary. more of peers. For these rich kids, it is not too difficult to count on expensive items before the Tet holiday.

However, at the same price range of around VND 20 million, the iPhone 11 still has another brother that makes it difficult to choose the last option – iPhone XS Max – that many people are still a little hesitant first. downgrade. To address this challenge, here are the most critical points to pay attention to in order to make the best decision, suitable for all your criteria and needs.

Configuration and strength

iPhone 11 is Apple’s latest generation, so certainly the configuration power and speed will be elaborated in the most thorough way. The A13 Bionic chip on the iPhone 11 is also available on the iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max, not inferior. Other things like RAM, storage, and so on, the iPhone 11 is definitely no better than the iPhone XS Max.

However, the smooth performance difference between the iPhone 11 and iPhone XS Max is assessed as not too significant and it will be difficult for users to clearly point out the difference, because the technology available on the iPhone XS Max is also very new and modern, never outdated but redundant compared to many common needs.

Battery life, camera efficiency

Before going into the analysis, it must be said that the iPhone 11 has won a clear victory in this category. First of all, the battery life of the iPhone 11 (3110 mAh) compared to the iPhone XS Max (3174 mAh) is not superior, even a few odd numbers, but the more advanced hardware generation is what makes the iPhone 11 confirmed. positioning. The A13 Bionic chip and the features that come with the iPhone 11 can help optimize battery performance much more than the iPhone XS Max, which is rated to increase the time by more than an hour in a test.

Send the rich kid with 20 million redundant money New Year should buy iPhone XS Max or iPhone 11 new style | Gaming Gear

Some features are only available on Apple’s 2019 iPhone trio.

As for the camera, the iPhone 11 still has the upper hand. The ultra-wide lens replaces the iPhone XS Max’s telephoto telephoto lens, but in return enjoys Apple’s super-sharp Deep Fusion shooting feature only for the 2019 iPhone trio generation. For selfie fans, the front camera of the iPhone 11 also has a higher resolution than the iPhone XS max (12MP compared to 7MP), the wider angle mine makes the scene as convenient as possible.

Experience the screen

At least the iPhone XS Max has earned its honorary honor in a criterion. Although the iPhone 11 has tried and asserted itself very well, it is not favored by Apple for the screen technology that debuted with the iPhone XS Max. Bigger size (6.5 inches vs. 6.1 inches), sharper resolution (1242 x 2688 compared to 828 x 1792), true HDR10 image color support – that’s more than enough for iPhone 11 many are inferior in this race. This disadvantage of the iPhone 11 can only be resolved if you accept to pay more to reach the iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max.

Send the rich kid with 20 million redundant money New Year should buy iPhone XS Max or iPhone 11 new style | Gaming Gear

The screen of the iPhone XS Max is still highly appreciated.

In general, if you are a person who values ​​power perfection (processor chip, camera) or appreciates the effect of persistent battery performance, iPhone 11 will be the first priority. On the other hand, in case you do not pay too much attention to configuration details but want to elaborate more entertainment experience (watching movies, surfing YouTube …), the iPhone XS Max will be a more suitable choice. .

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