Selling online alone, how to not drown in the mountain of work and still increase revenue?

Like many other housewives, the free time at home along with the desire to earn more income for her family makes Ms. Ha choose to engage in online sales. Her way of doing is very simple: choosing products that suit your needs, posting products on Facebook, Zalo and other social networks, when customers order, call the shipper to pick up the goods and deliver the goods. money.

From idea to implementation a heavenly different

But when starting to do it, it turns out that things are not so simple. ” It is time to get the right products for business, take product photos, start selling and run ads on social networks. Ms. Ha realizes the problem. The number of customers flocking to ask for product information at the same time makes her overwhelmed when she cannot reply in time. Sometimes just because she was so busy answering customers who want to consult carefully, she did not answer other customers who really want to buy and eventually lost the order.

Moreover, not only could she not respond to customers in time, Ms. Ha also had problems with inventory and sold goods. While her husband is busy with office work, she is alone to manage. Always pay attention to customers’ messages, have to control the goods sold, the goods are in stock for a long time as well as the best sellers, as well as have to contact the delivery person by yourself. really overloaded.

If hiring more people, I am afraid of not being able to manage it and do not know if I can afford to pay them or not. The dream of an easy-to-earn job was gone, for a moment she thought of selling off inventory to stop for a while and arrange work.

The difficulty emerges the wisdom….

She tried to find technology solutions such as chatbots and learned how to use warehouse management software to solve her problems. However, she saw another problem. Chatbot tools are not compatible with warehouse management software, so they almost support automatic customer response, while other jobs such as order management, warehouse, you still have to do it yourself. handmade.

Selling online alone how to not drown in the mountain of work and still increase revenue | Live

A chatbot tool fully integrated with all single-sale sales features

But a set of solutions has given Ms. Ha a way out of this mess. Instead of just offering single tools, Ms. Ha has a set of synchronous and seamless solutions.

The chatbot tool not only helps Ms. Ha automatically answer customers’ questions via Facebook Messenger but also Zalo – a social networking tool that has many Vietnamese users but lacks this feature.

More than one chatbot tools simply, Ms. Ha is provided with a complete online sales solution so that users can create a store for themselves and link with fanpage and then use chatbot to answer customers. From this store, users can manage inventory, inventory, exports and imports. Due to being integrated with chatbot, this process can take place automatically without users having to manually operate as before.

Not only that, users can optimize their delivery capabilities with the integration of many different shipping providers. Not only easier shipping management, users can also compare shipping fees between providers such as Ahamove, Viettel Post, GHN, … and find the right unit for them.

Selling online alone how to not drown in the mountain of work and still increase revenue | Live

One thing Ms. Ha also did not expect is that this solution also provides tools to quickly create promotions, helping her to automatically send discount codes, promotions, coupons … to customers according to many scenarios. different, instead of having to do it manually. Combined with the customer data management tools available in the chatbot, this becomes easier than Ms. Ha’s imagination.

This whole set of products makes doing business easier, even though she still works by herself. But even so, her sales are still at a stable level, even increasing during promotions.

The synchronization and convenience of this product set has brought answers to most of the obstacles that shop owners encounter during operation. The trust used by many shop owners is a testament to the effectiveness of the solution. Shop owners can find out the solution: here.

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