Self-taught, Kim owners still have to ‘bow their heads’ to these 6 ‘weird’ customers.

Customers of the old net shops 98% are all genius: Turn on the unknown device, turn on the unknown Vietnamese typing program, enter the game, don’t know exit, the maintenance server says the machine has a problem.

Today’s customers are better off, but the muddy blood, the monstrosity is unmistakable, so every time there are “specialties” laughing out of tears.

Beautiful and ugly depending on the time, but “young buffalo” is always available

Therefore, so far no one has called the owner of the net is happy ever. In addition to the worries about costs, personnel, services, net owners also have to watch out for a part of players who always have a destructive hobby and are “troublesome lord” with tricks unlike anyone.

End cut off the headset cord to the keyboard button

This is the most frequent and most frequent form of vandalism. It makes net owners constantly feel headache. Maybe the headset is not of great value, but if suffered often it will certainly make up for losses.

Self taught Kim owners still have to bow their heads to these 6 weird customers | PC/Console

And the trick of using the keyboard is … damn it. The current mechanical keyboards are very comfortable to clean up, a few gamers after playing are convenient to lose 1 or 2 important keys, making it impossible for the next person to play. Of course the net shop owner then has to replace another keyboard instead.

Maybe this is just a sabotage in the competition between the net shops together. Some of the net room owners have hired and installed their people to neighboring shops with the aim of sabotaging, reducing revenue and reputation of competitors.

Story from generation to generation: Smoking

Smoking is certainly not a sympathetic thing. Some modern net rooms are forced to have a separate space for smokers to avoid affecting those around them. Grass-net shops often let smokers and non-smokers sit together.

Self taught Kim owners still have to bow their heads to these 6 weird customers | PC/Console

However, it is worth mentioning that some people who have a habit of smoking often drop cigarette butts on the keyboard. Some more funny people also make the keyboard buttons burnt by “not paying attention” to the cigarette too close to the keyboard.

Many people think that cigarette butts that fall onto the keyboard will only need to be cleaned? No, when cigarette butts fall between keyboards, it will affect the circuit hidden deep below the keys. Consequently, after a short time, the keyboard will be under warranty or thrown in the corner.

The lack of awareness when using the food service, finished messy display

Besides delectable machines, net shops are now also very focused on catering services for players. But now the problem is, there are lots of people who are unconscious, eating and drinking around and on the keyboard.

Self taught Kim owners still have to bow their heads to these 6 weird customers | PC/Console

Greases, snack sets, soft drinks, bread crumbs … spread out making the seating scene really pathetic. It makes the waiters feel sick when cleaning. The net shop is a public place, no matter how comfortable you are, you should think of others as well. Because maybe one day, when you work as a waitress or go out to play after other people, you will endure the same situation.

Wearing headphones, living in your own world and … opening live singing extremely enthusiastic

This is quite a funny case when many gamers on the net simply want to have a good headset to play with the rhythm, but nothing else. But when they are adventurous, they will want to sing and dance to that tune, the headphones have maxed out the volume so they probably don’t even care about the surrounding.

Self taught Kim owners still have to bow their heads to these 6 weird customers | PC/Console

As a result, the “heavenly” voice made all other players feel jarring. The net shop owner saw this so gently, but there were people after the reminder. It is only when your people give you an ashtray in the head to realize that you are bothering those around you.

Being “ganked” by parents and the awkwardness of the net owner

These players only play for passion, have no vandalism or bad thoughts but are the objects that the owner of the net is most afraid of. People who are in the middle of the year in high school or high school often hide their parents playing games after school, or lie to take extra classes to splash into the net shop.

Self taught Kim owners still have to bow their heads to these 6 weird customers | PC/Console

It is worth mentioning that the internet owners are scared when their parents find out their children are here. Before that there was no shortage of parents ganking their children and then ganking the shop owner by the way.

The owners of the net shop think that they are in a legal business and some players serve them. And the parents said that the net shops have adversely affected their children. There were people who could not help but smash all the surrounding machines, causing heavy damage to the shop owners.

After all, the owner of the restaurant when serving these young gods always worried about the parents coming and searching for those little children.

Habits of “petty theft”

Sadly for net owners who encounter this category. Until now, the case of stolen components or vehicles of customers playing shops is no longer new. Despite the camera, the situation is still not positive and the behavior of these components is still too fast and unpredictable.

Self taught Kim owners still have to bow their heads to these 6 weird customers | PC/Console

The net shop owners still have to wait and catch in person, for those who like to steal the proper blow. And the other unfortunate people suffered heavy losses. Computer components are not cheap at all, the loss compensation will seriously affect the life of net owners.


The above cases are only a very small part of the confusion that net owners encounter. Besides the true, conscious players, there are also components that net owners don’t want to serve, or are very afraid to encounter. Thinking that each player should raise awareness, be a civilized, polite and conscious gamer who does not affect others.

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