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Secrets you probably didn’t know about Yu-Gi-Oh’s Pegasus!

Although only a minor character, but Pegasus plays an important role in the journey to find the true origin of the second Atem – Yugi. Even many people think that the card game story on Pegasus Island is the best, most attractive and attractive part of the series. And Pegasus is also one of the most popular characters, for his humor, as well as the true story behind his ambitions. However, there are probably some facts that readers still don’t know about Pegasus.

1. Pegasus was murdered by the dark Bakura in the story

In the story, after being defeated by Yugi and having to release the souls of Kaiba, Mokuba and Yugi, Pegasus was even visited by the dark Bakura, and took away the treasure “The Thousand Eyes”. . And this has killed Pegasus.

Pictures of the death of Vegasasu

Although the author of the story does not mention it clearly, Pegasus was actually murdered. Bakura even had scenes of licking Pegasus’ blood from a thousand-year-old treasure as he walked out of the room.

2. What Pegasus usually drinks is juice, not wine

You will easily see the image of Pegasus raising a glass of water at parties, but make sure that it cannot be alcohol. Remember, this series has to pass strict censorship, in order to be broadcast to readers of children’s ages.

Drinks are also a sensitive part. It is no coincidence that Dragon Ball Z has to change beer into water, different from the original.

Secrets you probably didn t know about Yu Gi Oh s Pegasus | Khám phá

Fruit juice is red, not wine

Likewise Yugi Oh, Pegasus is probably just sipping fruit juices. The author simulates him as a childish character anyway, so this assumption seems more appropriate.

3. Toon’s world becomes terribly weak in PC games

In the series, with the privilege of the creator of the magic card, Pegasus wears the power to develop his deck, culminating in the creation of Toon’s World, which turns all of his monsters into the Toon form, and Cannot be attacked by another monster.

Secrets you probably didn t know about Yu Gi Oh s Pegasus | Khám phá

Toon’s world in the story is much stronger than in the game

But in PC games, Toon’s World will use 1000 players’ base points to summon, and you also need Toon-type monsters to combine. This is different from the original story, where any Pegasus summon monster will randomly become a Toon. In the game, the power of the card just now was greatly reduced.

4. Pegasus – the most beloved villain in Yugi Oh

While not possessing the most powerful dark powers, Pegasus is listed among the villains who receive the most love from the readers.

Secrets you probably didn t know about Yu Gi Oh s Pegasus | Khám phá

The villain is very beloved

Marik Ishtar – the final boss in the Battle City section is not really clear and consistent. Before being devoured by the darkness, he was still a good person, and even after the darkness of his defeat, Marik became a devoted guide for Yugi. So it’s hard to see this as a villain.

Bakura darkness is the final villain of the story, but the cruelty as well as the appearance and style are so dark that he is not popular with many readers. Only Pegasus, with his humor, eye-catching appearance and witty talking style, is loved by fans.

5. Pegasus – Murderer

In the story, Pegasus does not really kill anyone, but he is the main cause of the dead ghost doctor Dr. Kid. After cheating in a match with Jonouchi, but still losing, Kid must receive a penalty from the Pegasus darkness.

Secrets you probably didn t know about Yu Gi Oh s Pegasus | Khám phá

The part where Kid shot himself in the head with the imaginary gun

The thousand-year-old eye forced Kid to shoot himself in the head with the gun, made up of his own fingers (guns are also one of the factors that must be censored when screening for children). In the manga, Kid is really dead. But in the anime version, the ghost doctor will come back and fight against Yugi again in the future

6. Pegasus has an adopted child

Secrets you probably didn t know about Yu Gi Oh s Pegasus | Khám phá

The movie appears to be adopted by Vegasasu

In the Yugi Oh! R movie, right after the Battle City, there is an unexpected person who annexes KaibaCorp, as part of Kaiba and Yugi’s revenge plans. Later, that person’s identity was revealed as Yako Tenma. He claimed to be the son of Pegasus, and believed that the death of his adoptive father was largely responsible for Yugi and Kaiba.

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