Score the 5 best players in CS: GO BLAST Premier Spring Series

BLAST Premier Spring Series is the tournament CS: GO has won the biggest attention of the community from the beginning of 2020 until now, gathering 12 leading teams in the world, divided into 3 groups A, B, C and has just finished last Sunday. The winning teams have been decided, but this time let us take a look at the sublimated faces and leave the most impression in the 3 groups!

As a result of the 3 groups, the teams who pass the group stage will be able to attend the Spring Final in Moscow, while the eliminated teams will have to shoot the Spring Showdown.

5. Valdemar “valde” Bjørn Vangså

– Rating (overall index): 1.16

– K / D ratio (kill / death ratio): 1.25

– ADR (average damage per round): 83.3

– KPR (average kill per round): 0.73

– Number of map matches: 11

Score the 5 best players in CS GO BLAST Premier Spring Series | Esports

The “friendship strength” team – OG had a successful group stage when overcoming 2 big names, EG and 100 Thieves, to advance to the next stage. And the person who plays the most important role in this achievement of OG is the Danish player valde.

Before the tournament, the captain of OG shared that valde still has the habits of an IGL (In Game Leader), so it has not been the most effective in the role of rifler.

But valde has performed extremely well in the tournament with stable indicators through 11 maps, good personal skills and especially always important “clutch” situations, saving OG from rounds. regrettable loser.

4. Nemanja “nexa” Isaković

– Rating: 1.17

– K / D ratio: 1.08

– ADR: 75.1

– KPR: 0.68

– Number of map matches: 7

Score the 5 best players in CS GO BLAST Premier Spring Series | Esports

G2 Esports is considered a “circus” specializing in “comedy” and is not appreciated when placed next to the big names. But it was G2 who overcame Group C with the top spot and an extremely convincing performance that made viewers admire. And one of the factors that makes G2 so high is IGL nexa.

In CS: GO, usually IGLs are small-handed players, individual skills are not as good as other aimers because they have to focus on minimap and tactical coordination. But nexa not only does well the role of an IGL, but also possesses the “top” personal skill, ready to “punch the mouth” of any main gun of any top team, when there is accuracy from the first high shot and proficient use of a variety of guns.

Caster Bomman from 500Bros Studio said that “comprehensive” are the two words that best describe nexa.

3. Kenny “kennyS” Schrub

– Rating: 1.27

– K / D ratio: 1.2

– ADR: 80.2

– KPR: 0.72

– Number of map matches: 7

Score the 5 best players in CS GO BLAST Premier Spring Series | Esports

Of course a nexa wing is not enough for G2 to fly high in this tournament. The other swallow of G2 Esports is the legendary AWPer kennyS. kennyS has had a long time playing badly, often missed and failed to make the top 20 best players in the last two years.

But in the BLAST Premier Spring Series, kennyS revived the spring when the AWP scales were extremely fast and accurate, bringing the helplessness to any unlucky enemy into his viewfinder.

Commenting on kennyS in this tournament, Bomman caster said: “The speed of kennyS can be considered as the leading among CS: GO professionals, and it is the result of training for many years. The downside of high speed AWP is its accuracy and low stability. But in this tournament kennyS almost did not miss, but kept his terrible speed. “

2. Nikola “NiKo” Kovač

– Rating: 1.49

– K / D ratio: 1.7

– ADR: 99.3

– KPR: 0.93

– Number of map played: 6

Score the 5 best players in CS GO BLAST Premier Spring Series | Esports

Niko is the player with the highest rating and kill / death ratio in all 3 tables of BLAST Premier Spring Series. Like kennyS, Niko has been in decline for a while now, and fans have always made fun of his bar / club hobby and see it as the main reason.

But with FaZe Clan’s comeback, Niko regained her “monster” image and crushed all opponents in Group A.

Of course, one of the reasons Niko maintained such a good score was that FaZe only played 6 maps (all 3 wins were 2-0), but his brilliant highlights were more than enough to make FaZe Clan fans are confident to “bounce back” after a relatively long gloomy period.

1. Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev

– Rating: 1.36

– K / D ratio: 1.57

– ADR: 85.7

– KPR: 0.86

– Number of map matches: 9

Score the 5 best players in CS GO BLAST Premier Spring Series | Esports

Among the names who passed the group stage, Na`Vi’s achievement can be considered as the most impressive when they beat the world No. 1 team Astralis. And the key factor that helps Na`Vi make this achievement is s1mple – the player is considered to have the most fans in the world.

s1mple had a recent role change when he returned to the main AWPer role in the team, but “CS GOD” still adapted quickly and crushed the world’s No. 1 player, ZywOo (team Vitality). in hand-to-hand combat. The shine of s1mple and “unprecedented” achievement of Na`Vi has made the Golden Dragon fanboys in Vietnam excited and “crowing” in group games for nearly a week.

In addition to the above-mentioned outstanding names, there are still many outstanding faces that have shone in BLAST Premier Spring Series, bringing many emotions to the audience. This shows that the overall level of skill of professional gamers is increasing, and hopefully we will see more highlights in the upcoming major tournaments, most notably IEM. Katowice 2020, takes place at the end of this February.

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