Scientists discovered the first animal on Earth was not breathing

Oxygen is the most important factor for life, at least on our Earth, and other life in the universe has not been discovered, we can not know. But scientists have just discovered the first animal on Earth that doesn’t breathe oxygen, it seems to be an alien species.

The scientists named the creature Henneguya salminicola, a tiny parasite containing less than 10 living cells, which usually parasitize the muscle tissue of salmon. Unlike other parasites, H.salminicola is the first multicellular organism to survive without the respiratory system.

This animal has the same shape as an alien.

According to research published in the journal Proceeding of the National Academy of Science, the creature has “evolved” to lose tissues, nerve cells, muscles and breathing. Scientists believe that H.salminicola evolved backwards, from multicellular organisms to single cells. Thanks to that they can grow faster and more powerful due to the smallest genome in the animal world.

Observed by a microscope, H.salminicola’s shape can be seen like sperm, but they are green. They have large tails and eyes, which seem to be the only sensory organ that has not been removed during H.sminminicola’s reverse evolution.

Scientists discovered the first animal on Earth was not breathing | Explore

They parasitize in the tissues of salmon.

There are many bacteria and protozoa that can survive without oxygen, like many creatures on the ocean floor or some pathogens in the human body. Instead of oxygen, they absorb energy from fermentation or use other molecules like mercury or iron.

But finding a multicellular animal like H.salminicola that can live without absorbing oxygen is astonishing. How the mechanism generates H.salminicola’s energy is still being clarified by the scientists. One theory is that they absorb energy directly from the tissues of salmon, or use the same method as a single-celled organism.

Regardless, this is a very valuable finding. It shows that the animals on Earth are evolving and changing incessantly, in a complicated way, to suit the rapidly changing living conditions.

Reference: cnet

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