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Science unexpectedly discovered a series of planets ‘more suitable for life than the Earth’

Professor Dirk Schulze-Makuch of the University of Washington, USA recently published a new study in the journal Astrobiology, which put together a list of 24 exoplanets that he said are “super suitable for life”.

Research suggests that potential “super-suitable” planets, will be older, larger in size, have higher temperatures and are wetter than Earth. Based on that criterion, Professor Dirk Schulze-Makuch selected 24 exoplanets out of 4,500 listed exoplanets and thinks that the possibility of life is very high.

Humans are still looking at a lot of planets that we think are capable of life.

All 24 potential planets on the list “super suitable for life” are more than 100 light years from Earth. Be aware that one of the most habitable groups of planets in the Kepler group is a few hundred years to thousands of light-years from Earth.

“We should not be too focused on searching in Earth-like planets, if so we could ignore many potential planets. In fact, life could also develop more easily on planets. The orbiting chimpanzees are slower changing and have a longer lifespan than the Sun. ” Professor Dirk Schulze-Makuch said.

The team selected in the Kepler Object of Interest Exoplanet Archive for transitional exoplanets and filtered out earth planets orbiting habitable zones that could have liquid water around the host star. If we take the standard of our Sun, it has a rather short lifespan, about 10 billion years. It is possible that on G stars similar to the Sun, energy will be consumed before complex life forms develop. Like our Earth, higher life has only appeared for a few hundred million years, but the Earth itself has lost 4.5 billion years of construction.

Science unexpectedly discovered a series of planets more suitable for life than the Earth | Khám phá

Planets larger than Earth may be more likely to have life.

The team also examined K dwarf systems, which are cooler, smaller masses and less light than the Sun. Sao K has the advantage of a long life span of 20 to 70 billion years. With this time, there is enough time for a planet to develop fully and enough for life to form.

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