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Science proves that having sex regularly helps to live longer

When it comes to ways to prolong life, think of no smoking, daily exercise, a low-fat, low-calorie diet, sleeping at least seven hours a night, not abusing alcohol or drugs and nurture relationships with family and friends. But one more suggestion to add to the list – make love often.

British researchers investigated the sexual frequency of 918 normal healthy men in the village of Welsh Caerphilly, aged 45 to 59 years when the study began (1979-83). A decade later, they checked again with men when they were 55-69 years old. The deaths were 150, 67 from heart attacks and 83 from other causes.

They correlated the male sexual frequency from the baseline survey with their death or life 10 years later. Compared to men who had sex only once a month, those who had sex twice a week had only half the death rate. For the whole group, as the frequency of sex increased, the risk of death decreased.

When this study was published, critics said sex was a sign of health, so maybe it’s not sex that prolongs men’s life, but the fact is they are healthy. get stronger and begin with the result of having sex regularly.

However, there were no significant differences among those with the highest and lowest sex drive, in terms of smoking, weight, blood pressure or heart disease. So, compared to less sexually active men, those who have sex do not appear to be significantly healthy.

The only health difference has to do with cholesterol. Some men are tall, others are short. But we expect that the men with the highest cholesterol will have a high death rate from a heart attack.

In fact, men with high cholesterol in the group with the highest sex drive had the lowest heart disease mortality rates. Conclusion of researchers: In middle-aged men, regular sex helps prevent death.

Science proves that having sex regularly helps to live longer | Khám phá

This conclusion contradicts traditional advice on health and well-being. The Apostle Paul wrote: “A man should not touch a woman.”

In traditional Indian and Chinese culture, ejaculation has been seen as a human charm. As men get older, they are required to ejaculate less and less. And in French, orgasm is called “le petit mort,” the small death.

But in British medical papers and two other studies show that the frequency of sex is linked to a healthier, longer life.

Swedish researchers studied 392 elderly Gothenburg (166 males, 226 women) aged 70 to 75 years. There was an association between death and less sex.

In another study, researchers compared the sex lives of 100 women with a heart attack and 100 with similar but no heart disease. Before a heart attack, women with heart disease were less satisfied with their sex lives.

Why does sex prolong life? There are several explanations as follows:

• Regular sex means an intimate relationship. Many studies show that strong personal relationships increase health and prolong life.

• Sex is exercise, and regular exercise is the foundation of health.

• Sex is relaxing. Studies show that relieving stress regularly is good for your health.

• And sex often improves immune function. At Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, researchers surveyed 111 young people about their sexual frequency, and then tested their saliva for an important component of the immune system, immunoglobulin A. (IgA).

Compared to participants who had sex less than once a week, those who had sex once or twice a week had significantly higher levels of IgA.

This study even takes the tagline Nike uses to promote its sneakers: “Just do it.” Yes, do it. Sex is good for you and it can prolong your life.

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