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Scary phenomena revolve around Okiku’s hair-growing doll that science cannot explain

It is not uncommon for mysterious stories about dolls that anyone who hears them to feel shudder. The multitude of bizarre possibilities originating from them have caused scientists a headache to find answers. In Asia, a Japanese-style doll called Okiku is considered a good example. Although the context of the story involving Okiku happened more than 100 years ago, the mysteries surrounding this doll are still very difficult to explain.

Okiku dolls are memorabilia associated with an ill-fated girl.

The legend surrounding Okiku dolls began in 1918, a boy named Eikichi Suzuki bought a doll for his sister on a trip to Saporro, a city on the island of Hokkaido. The height of the doll is about 40cm and dressed in traditional kimono. Okiku’s face was porcelain white, his jet-black eyes and his hair were neatly cut, shoulder-length in the traditional way.

Scary phenomena revolve around Okiku s hair growing doll that science cannot explain | Game Online

There have been many mysterious phenomena surrounding Okiku.

Not long after receiving the gift, the girl died of a cold. Because the doll was a souvenir attached to the girl when she was alive, the family respectfully placed it on the altar in memory. The name Okiku was also given to this doll after the ill-fated girl. But mysterious phenomena surrounding the doll also began to appear.

Scary phenomena revolve around Okiku s hair growing doll that science cannot explain | Game Online

If the doll’s hair was cut short, it would soon be longer.

Strange phenomena are directly discovered by family. The Okiku doll’s hair was initially quite short, the bangs were front, but then unusually long. The girl’s family thinks that her soul has entered the doll. Even when they cut the doll’s hair short, it soon became, until the knee stopped. By 1938, they had left Hokkaido and returned the doll to the Mannenji Temple. The scary stories about Okiku go on spreading according to folklore. Today, visitors come to the temple to admire the mysterious doll but not allowed to take photos.

Scary phenomena revolve around Okiku s hair growing doll that science cannot explain | Game Online

The scary stories about Okiku keep spreading …

The phenomenon of Okiku doll’s hair growth is still happening today. Monks in the temple must regularly trim it. One monk shared that what he did was to please Okiku. However, the information confirming Okiku’s hair belongs to a human has not been verified. According to rumors, when people approached the Okiku doll, their fangs would grow out.

The story of Okiku doll has been adapted into many entertainment works such as Anime, manga or drama and became a part of the cultural and spiritual life of Japanese people. However, many Okiku doll versions have been exaggerated too much to bring horror colors in order to create public curiosity.

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