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Scary: Lizzie Borden case and mysterious haunted house

In this world, there are many houses called “houses.” ghost House“, and there are also places that stand out more than the rest. One of those houses is” Lizzie Borden’s house, “famous for a horrific murder.

It is said that, on a hot August day 1892, a terrible case happened at the home of the couple Abby and Andrew Borden in Fall River, Massachusetts. When Mrs. Borden was cleaning the bed in the guest room, suddenly someone sneaked close to her from behind and swung her arms to kill her with an ax.

According to autopsy, Abby had 18 cuts and broken skull. Less than 2 hours later, it was Andrew Borden’s husband’s turn who was killed in the same manner as Abby, with his skull broken and 13 cuts.

Scary Lizzie Borden case and mysterious haunted house | Khám phá

According to the investigation, police and public opinion suspected that the culprit of the massacre was Lizzie Borden – the youngest daughter of the Borden family, but they could not find enough evidence to accuse her. Reportedly, Lizzie was originally only Andrew’s child, and Abby was just her stepmother. In addition to the friction in the relationship, the Borden family at that time was also in a period of stress because of the problem of property transfer. This is the reason why police suspect Lizzie, but they failed because she acted very quickly and erased all traces of the crime.

Scary Lizzie Borden case and mysterious haunted house | Khám phá

And so, this suspect was acquitted after more than half a year in court, and received a fortune of the Borden family and moved to a more upmarket place, namely The Hill neighborhood with his sister’s name. His Emma. Up to now, this double murder case still has no answer, making the criminal industry and public opinion in the United States headache for a long time.

* For those who do not know, although in a house seems quite “normal” to the rich at the time, Mr. Andrew is a very wealthy businessman. Not only the owner of many textile factories, he is also the CEO of Durfee Trust and Safe Deposit Company and Chairman of the prestigious Union Savings Bank. After his death, his fortune was estimated to be worth about $ 300,000 (equivalent to $ 8,540,000 in 2019).

Abby’s death before Andrew also makes … Abby’s own wealth will go to her husband, and then all will be transferred to his children. Despite having to pay a compensation to resolve the complaint on the side of the Abby family, Lizzie still received a huge amount of money, together with an amount of about $ 5,000 previously (equivalent to $ 142,000 in 2019) when she sold the house she took Sarah Borden – her biological mother used to live for Andrew. Despite the fact, before that the pair of sisters Lizzie and Emma just bought this house from him for … $ 1.

Scary Lizzie Borden case and mysterious haunted house | Khám phá

So, what about the old Borden house? At that time, many people recounted that the ghost of the couple still stayed at that house. A few heard the sound of women crying in the living room; Many years later, a few others saw the ghost of the maid who supposedly witnessed the whole massacre. There are also a few cases where Mrs. Borden’s ghost is running around the house. Did she realize that her life had suddenly ended long ago?

Scary Lizzie Borden case and mysterious haunted house | Khám phá

No one can verify those rumors, that’s the truth. But it is not impossible to find out, because this house has become a boarding house. If you’re lucky, you may meet someone’s ghost, though it might just be a myth.

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