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Sapauu: Appeared to the top of the PUBG Vietnam village and the dream of reaching out to the sea

The community of PUBG Vietnam may take a long time to live in a festive and happy atmosphere like in recent days. This is derived from DivisionX Gaming’s recent convincing PCS Charity Showdown – a team that may not be too strange to Vietnamese PUBG fans when possessing big players in the lineup such as Sapauu, LongK …

And it is even more worth mentioning that knowing before the tournament, as a guest team, even witnessing changes in personnel, DXG is not overestimated and under a lot of pressure.

Sapauu and his teammates have just won the Charity Showdown charity tournament

However, overcoming all pressures and doubts, the boys of DXG proved their bravery and strength right from their international debut with the new lineup.

And in the success of DXG at the PCS Charity Showdown tournament, surely, the most mentioned name must be Sapauu – the player who was dubbed the “Marshal” of Vietnamese eSports but it is a fear for opponents and marksman of DXG.

Sapauu Appeared to the top of the PUBG Vietnam village and the dream of reaching out to the sea | Game Online

Sapauu is a key factor of DXG in the recent championship

Immediately after the championship, he had very interesting sharing with GameK about life and career as well as assessing the future of PUBG and eSports games in Vietnam.

Hello Sapauu. Congratulations on your latest championship with Division X Gaming. Please introduce a little about yourself, everyone!

Hi everybody . My name is Duong Cam Hoa, also known as Sapauu. I was born in 2001 and just celebrated my 19th birthday. Currently, I am a professional player of Division X Gaming team in Playerunknown’s Battleground (PUBG).

Although still very young, but also one of the “veterans” in PUBG Vietnam, can Sapauu share about his journey to become a professional gamer? What opportunities have brought you to eSports and PUBG?

Actually, at first I was like many other young people, playing games with the purpose of entertainment and finding fun in it with friends. However, since playing CS: GO – a game that also requires very high skill and try hard, I gradually have access to the concept of professional eSports.

Over time, instead of just having fun games with friends, I began to feel like I wanted to win every game, overcome everything and aspire to the prospect of standing on the glory. That is also the main reason why I am determined to become a professional CS: GO player.

Sapauu Appeared to the top of the PUBG Vietnam village and the dream of reaching out to the sea | Game Online

After playing CS: GO for about 8-9 months, I started to pay more attention to a game that was very popular at that time, PUBG. However, at first, I did not believe that PUBG could become an eSports game, or that it was understandable to be able to compete because it had too many elements of luck in it. But gradually, game developers also found a way to solve this problem, reducing the luck factor in the game. Coincidentally, it was a time when I was also bored, or to say exactly the motivation for CS: GO and wanted to have new experiences. That is also the reason why I decided to become a professional PUBG player.

Recall that it was also a difficult time, maybe even a turning point in life but until now, I am still very satisfied with this choice. That’s the time of 8/2018. And so far has been on this road for nearly 2 years.

Besides practicing and competing, fans often see Sapauu livestream quite regularly. Does this affect or create any difficulties as both a streamer and a professional player at the same time?

Sapauu Appeared to the top of the PUBG Vietnam village and the dream of reaching out to the sea | Game Online

Actually, the regular livestream does not affect or make it difficult for me. Simply because at the time of my livestream, I just played PUBG, so I still kept my skills and “hands”. It is even a practice to help me improve and be ready to improvise in many different situations.

For Sapauu, which is the sad memory that you remember most in your career, as well as the proudest mark?

The sad memory that I miss the most is the 2019 PUBG Southeast Asia Championship.

In fact, in the group stage with online format, my team completely destroyed the opponent easily. However, when in the next round with the onlan format, some problems in the team made the team lose the Phase 3 championship, but still won a ticket to the US to attend PGC. Sadly, the whole team failed to get a visa, and could not participate in the biggest PUBG festival on the planet. At that time, it was a real shock, when my whole mind and team became zero. Rounded out literally, because even with the prize money reached 3rd place in the PUBG Southeast Asia Championship 2019, about $ 10,000 of us also lost a “dead” organization.

Sapauu Appeared to the top of the PUBG Vietnam village and the dream of reaching out to the sea | Game Online

Sapauu at the PUBG Southeast Asia Championship 2019

Most proud of me, I think not far away, but the recent PCS APAC Charity Showdown championship. We did what the whole team missed in 2019. What is more meaningful is the amount of about VND 2.4 billion to be donated to charity in Vietnam, when I found out the champion team, I was very happy and happy, feel much lighter, much more relaxed before the previous pressure. It’s hard to describe emotions, but it’s generally fun, especially fun because you’ve done something that seems impossible. But it was a bit sad because of the lack of two old teammates that I wanted to win together with them. Anyway, right now, I’ve got some great new teammates to aim for in the front.

At the beginning, PUBG was one of the most widespread games in Vietnam. But undeniably at the present time, this game is gradually losing its appeal. In your opinion, what is the main cause of this decline? How does Sapauu assess the future of PUBG?

The main reason for the decline is that the publisher doesn’t care much about the player. For example, at the beginning of the game, there was a hack, they let the cheat hack up to 2 to 3 months to start taking remedies, and only made about 50% of the player’s expectation. That time is enough to make many people hate and redirect to other games. Until now, the hack cheat hidden still takes place quite a lot.

Sapauu Appeared to the top of the PUBG Vietnam village and the dream of reaching out to the sea | Game Online

Marshal Sapauu and comments on PUBG Vietnam village

But that is only the most visible example. And the reason why the attraction of PUBG is greatly reduced. Typically, the inability to optimize the game, the high capacity, the problem of FPS drop affects many players.There are hitbox errors such as hitting but not counting damage, and fixing the guns in an unacceptable way. like the recent M4 gun, Beryl and even the way of a Rank match, how to calculate points … In general, I feel very confusing and do not know what the purpose of PUBG Corp is. But these are only problems with playing Public. As for the tournament, it will still be regular and quality. But I feel that if pub matches continue like that, soon the players will get bored, and switch to another game.

According to Sapauu, if launched, whether Valorant can create new effects for Vietnamese gamers. How did you feel after playing the game and participating in the showmatch match of this game?

Valorant is actually a game similar to CS: GO, and also has an Overwatch wearout because it can be used as a substitute for Smoke, Flash, Fire. Grenade.

A match of 5 – 5 and it is possible to become an eSport. But in my opinion, it is important that if there is a good publisher in Vietnam and interest in gamers, it may create a new effect on the game village. After playing Valorant, I felt quite interesting and interested, like the first experience playing CS: GO.

Many people still give at the present time, professional players are a fairly precarious profession. adventure as well as pressure. Income is heavily based on performances, rankings and when not playing, almost do not know what to do. What do you think about this view?

Actually, on this issue, I hear from many sides. According to personal assessment, I think the game will choose the person who should succeed in this career, for example about 10 people will get 5. It is quite 50/50 and everyone has a separate opinion and are all right. So this problem has not said until ten years later still can not confirm right and wrong (laugh).

Sapauu Appeared to the top of the PUBG Vietnam village and the dream of reaching out to the sea | Game Online
Sapauu Appeared to the top of the PUBG Vietnam village and the dream of reaching out to the sea | Game Online

Talking about pressure, there will be a lot when you have not become a good player to be noticed. But once you become an international player, making money from gaming will not be a problem.

So based on what has been drawn, in your opinion, to become an eSports pro player at the present time, what are the key factors that young people need to focus on?

Have a good mind, good thinking, ability to absorb and view the game and game knowledge. The most important thing is still to listen, never to be complacent and conservative.

What do you think when the fans gave the nickname Marshal of PUBG Vietnam. Handsome competition, you must have a lot of fangirls, right? Can Sapauu share a memorable memory with the fangirls?

Actually, the fans nicknamed Marshal of PUBG Vietnam, I did not dare to accept it haha, but also thank you everyone (laugh).

A memorable memory is that on my birthday, some girls celebrated my birthday, even singing the song to congratulate me so cute made me happy. Because you guys worked so hard, I love you guys.

Just a little fun, can you rate the “handsome” of the team members?

Well, my number 2 is no one, and no 3 3 :)))

From now until the end of the year, does Sapauu have any goals for yourself and DivisionX Gaming team?

My goal this year is to try to win as many leagues as I can, more importantly, helping PUBG to reach out and fly high in international tournaments. Viet Nam Championships!!!

Thank you, Sapauu, for your time and sharing in this interview. Wish you will reap more success in your career and achieve the goals set.

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