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Samsung’s new generation 108MP sensor was sold to Xiaomi before it was put on the Galaxy Note 20

Although Samsung is best known as a manufacturer of smartphones and TVs. But the South Korean electronics company is also one of the companies involved in manufacturing screen panels, chips, RAM, internal memory and camera sensors.

In addition to being self-sufficient, Samsung also sells components to other manufacturers including Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, Oppo or Vivo. Last year, Samsung sold ISOCELL Bright HMX sensor series, 108MP resolution to Xiaomi. Models using this sensor can be mentioned as Mi CC9 Pro and Mi Note 10.

The partnership continues until this year. According to multiple sources, Samsung is expected to sell its latest and most advanced ISOCELL image sensor to Xiaomi, even before the Galaxy Note 20 launch.

Xiaomi was the first to have 108MP ISOCELL Bright HMX sensor technology, even before the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S20 afterwards. And this year, Xiaomi will continue to gain access to the latest image sensor technology.

Samsung s new generation 108MP sensor was sold to Xiaomi before it was put on the Galaxy Note 20 | ICT News

According to Sammobile, the new generation ISOCELL Bright HM2 sensor still has a 108MP dots. And according to the hypotheses, this sensor will still use Nanocell technology like Bright HM1 on Galaxy S20 Ultra.

There is also the possibility that ISOCELL Bright HM2 is simply an update. However, it could also be another variant of the sensor that Samsung plans to apply exclusively on its high-end smartphones with greater security.

Meanwhile, ISOCELL Bright HM2 sensor is rumored to be used for Xiaomi Mi CC10 Pro. This sensor is supposed to support 12x optical zoom and 120x digital zoom. But of course it may just be a typical gimmick of brands.

Currently the Galaxy S20 Ultra model is advertised to have 4x optical zoom and “Space Zoom” digital zoom up to 100x. The machine with the furthest optical zoom technology today must mention the 5x zoom on Huawei P40 Pro.

According to rumors, the Galaxy Note 20 generation will debut at an event in early August.

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