Samsung uses Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note20 to film 8K ​​love

This project is designed to encourage consumers to try their hand at creating high-quality video content with Samsung phones.

At an online press conference on September 17, the Korean tech giant said that the company would produce “Untact“, a new movie starring popular actress Kim Go-eun and actor Kim Joo-hun. The film is scheduled to premiere in October, and Untact is a new term in Korean. This means the interaction is not touch or face-to-face.

Untact is an 8K film produced by veteran director Kim Jee-woon, based on the 8K ecosystem led by Samsung Electronics.“- A Samsung official said. The film will depict the story of people living in a new world where contactless interaction has become a part of life.

Actress Kim Go-eun

Samsung said Untact will be shot in 8K format with Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20. The movie will be shot in Ultra HD format optimized for large QLED screens to show the details of the actors’ acting. . An 8K display will have a resolution of 7680 x 4320, double that of a 4K display. 8K was first introduced in 2019. Currently, only a very small number of commercial TVs support 8K resolutions. However, such a resolution is ideal for cinema monitors, which are much larger than TV screens, for delivering super sharp images.

Untact will premiere at two QLED-paneled cinemas in Seoul. It will also be released on online channels, including social networks and YouTube, for free.

Reference: AjuDaily

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