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Samsung tower speaker review: bring a party atmosphere into your little home

This is a vertical type speaker, multi-dimensional design, with a large capacity of up to 500W, promises to bring the best music experience to listeners regardless of any angle.


The first thing that catches attention when looking at Samsung’s Sound Tower is its distinctive design. Instead of a horizontal or square design, with the diaphragm facing forward like conventional speakers, the Sound Tower – as its name suggests – stands up like a tower with three drivers that rotate in 3 different directions, accompanied by impressive LED strips with many different types of effects depending on the operation mode of the speaker. Just plug the Sound Tower into an electrical outlet, you can place it anywhere in the house, because this novel design helps to create a multi-dimensional sound, improving the efficiency and range of the sound. . Samsung’s Sound Towers are water resistant, so you can use it at pool parties.

The speaker also has a small LCD screen above the joystick cluster, with the function of displaying modes and songs quite convenient. However, this LCD screen can only show about 10 characters, and is quite difficult to see in bright sunlight. The front of the screen has a slot for placing your phone or tablet (which is handy if you connect the device to the USB port behind the speaker). Perhaps Samsung should reconsider the position of this slot, because when you put the device in, it will block the infrared receiver, making it harder for you to use the remote control.

Sound and other features

When evaluating the speakers, we will immediately think of the sound. And the sound of Samsung Sound Tower is really great. Overall, the sound is clear and clear, the bass is strong, the bass range is sharp, the mid and high range is sharp. With 500W of power, your floor vibrates with every beat of sound. The speaker also has a Bass Booster mode that pushes the bass to the highest level in a split second.

Samsung tower speaker review bring a party atmosphere into your little home | Digital toys

If you are a fan of karaoke, then the Sound Tower of Samsung is really a reasonable choice, bringing the moments full of fun. Just download a free karaoke app on your phone, sync your phone with the speaker, plug the mic into the 1/4-inch jack, and you’re ready to go. You can adjust the volume of the mic and the reverb level on the back of the speaker – Sound Tower’s reverb, despite its standard karaoke quality, will be surprised to find it makes your voice sound much better. compared to normal.

Samsung tower speaker review bring a party atmosphere into your little home | Digital toys

Samsung’s Sound Tower also supports USB music playback. Put your favorite playlist into a folder, then use the remote to apply some DJ effects and you’re ready to go.

Alternatively, you can also connect a phone or tablet to Sound Tower via Bluetooth. The connection process took place in a flash, in less than a minute. Samsung has also developed a free app that comes with Sound Tower, called Giga Party Audio, that lets you adjust the color of the LED lights on the speaker body, or apply DJ sound effects and reverb effects. This software also has a mode called “Group Mode” to create stereo effects by pairing up to 10 Sound Tower speakers together.

Samsung tower speaker review bring a party atmosphere into your little home | Digital toys

Samsung is famous for being a giant in the smartphone and TV space, but its audio equipment is also of top quality, with the Sound Tower a prime example.

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