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Samsung launches the Neo QLED, MICRO LED and Lifestyle TV 2021 series: New design, new technology, more environmentally friendly

On January 7, Samsung officially announced the smart TV lineup to be introduced this year, including three mainstream lines: Neo QLED, MICRO LED and Lifestyle TV 2021.

Neo QLED series

Samsung introduced a brand new display technology called Neo QLED for its 8K (QN900A) and 4K (QN90A, QN85A) TVs. The company says it will continue to upgrade its QLED TV lineup with Quantum Mini LED lighting technology. This technology is precisely controlled by Quantum Matrix and the Neo Quantum Processor, which optimizes image quality for Neo QLED.

With Quantum Mini LED lights only 1/40 of the height of conventional LEDs and the use of lenses to disperse light and fix LEDs on the spot, the visual experience of viewers will be increased enhanced by eliminating glare. Neo QLED technology enables increased brightness to 12-bit in 4096 steps. This helps to make dark areas darker and highlights brighter, for a more accurate and realistic HDR experience.

In terms of design, the Neo QLED 8K 2021 product line will own an Infinity One design, the screen of the product is almost bezel-less when viewed at normal distances. The product also comes with a Slim One Connect Box, an all-new cable management system mounted on the back of the TV, allowing users to neatly arrange the cables connected to the TV without sacrificing aesthetics. America. In addition, the Neo QLED 8K 2021 also brings many new advanced audio features such as Object Tracking Sound Pro or SpaceFit Sound.

MICRO LED series

With the new MICRO LED series, Samsung brings Micro LED technology to traditional TVs for the first time – giving consumers a markedly upscaled visual experience on a large screen size.

Samsung launches the Neo QLED MICRO LED and Lifestyle TV 2021 series New design new technology more environmentally friendly | Digital toys

The new MICRO LED series will include 99-inch and 110-inch sizes (there will be smaller versions coming later in the year), which use LEDs with a micrometer size to eliminate the backlight and color filters used in Conventional screens, which will instead be 24 million individually controlled LEDs.

Taking advantage of the large display space, Samsung gives MICRO LED users 4Vue (Quad View) feature to be able to view 4 different content sources simultaneously on a large screen by connecting to multiple external devices. Because. Sound quality is also improved thanks to Majestic Sound technology, bringing 5.1 sound to life without the need to use external speakers.

Upgrade your Lifestyle TV series

The Lifestyle TV series has always been regarded as a literal “technological masterpiece”, both a technology product and an interior interior decoration of the room.

Samsung launches the Neo QLED MICRO LED and Lifestyle TV 2021 series New design new technology more environmentally friendly | Digital toys

The 2021 version inherits technology from the previous generation The Frame series, providing a more customized experience and a thinner design. The Frame has a frame that is almost half thinner than the previous series, helping to bring out the authentic depth of the traditional picture frame. It has five color options for the bezel and two different custom styles – Modern and Slim Bezel – to suit the aesthetic of many.

Users can now enjoy over 1,400 selections exclusively for The Frame TV series. There is even AI technology that automatically sorts so that users can choose the works that match their interests.

Samsung’s Lifestyle TV portfolio currently includes: The Frame, The Serif, The Sero, The Terrace and The Premiere.

At the First Look 2021 online event ahead of the CES 2021, Samsung said that over the next few years, the company will embark on a “Green Living” journey alongside the TV business through long-term sustainability programs. term:

Reduce your carbon footprint and Improve energy efficiency on all smart TVs

Sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging design: Minimize text and images printed on packages, reduce more waste

Use the solar panel remote control can be recharged by any light source, avoiding wasting up to 99 million AAA batteries

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