Samsung is becoming more and more like Apple … but that’s OK too!

During the Unpacked 2020 event not long ago, Samsung launched a remarkable smartphone series. Including two Galaxy S20 and S20 + flagships, with premium design and powerful configuration. A super high-end Galaxy S20 Ultra, bringing configuration parameters, camera, battery, memory and the price up to the cloud. Along with a unique foldable Galaxy Z Flip smartphone.

But above all, Samsung has announced something new, interesting, but few people pay attention. That is the Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10 + continue to be sold at lower prices. Whereas until now, every time a new flagship smartphone was launched, Samsung usually did not discount the prices of its predecessors.

Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra.

It can be seen that Samsung is adopting a new business strategy similar to Apple. The Cupertino giant also frequently drops prices on older iPhones, after the launch of new iPhones, and gives users a variety of options at different prices.

Samsung becomes similar to Apple

We can say that Samsung is becoming more and more like Apple, not that Samsung is copying Apple’s business strategy. Because iPhone manufacturers are not the creators of this strategy, nor are they copyrighted or patented.

The discount on used products is understandable and obvious. It’s just that Samsung didn’t do it before, and recently decided to adopt this strategy. Samsung is changing and that change is almost identical to Apple.

Samsung is becoming more and more like Apple but that s OK too | Mobile

Samsung has reduced the prices of the Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10 +.

To remind Samsung how conservative it was before. That was when the Galaxy Note 10 debuted for $ 949, Samsung still sold the Note 8s launched two years ago for $ 900. It’s unbelievable that at the time, Samsung still believed that someone would buy a Note 8 for $ 900.

Therefore, the price reduction of Galaxy S10 smartphones shows a big difference. Admittedly, Apple’s success has had a big impact on Samsung, as the iPhone XR is still selling like hot cakes worldwide thanks to its affordable price.

Apple has taught Samsung how to sell affordable smartphones

Apple is a brand associated with luxury, expensive, is the first company in the world to dare to sell a smartphone priced at $ 1,000 and still have high sales. But not so that Apple does not know how to sell an affordable iPhone, to invade emerging markets that Android smartphone companies dominate.

The iPhone XR is an unimaginable success, delivering high value to users at an affordable price. Do not equate iPhone XR with iPhone 5c that once failed miserably, this is not a cheap iPhone. And Apple has taught Android smartphone makers that an affordable smartphone doesn’t necessarily have to be in the intermediate or low-end segment.

Samsung is becoming more and more like Apple but that s OK too | Mobile

Galaxy S10e and iPhone XR.

After the price cut, Samsung’s Galaxy S10e is sold at the same price as Apple’s iPhone XR. And this is the key point in the similarity of Samsung and Apple. A smartphone that is affordable, but on a par with the premium segment, doesn’t feel cheap, and the experience is definitely great.

And that’s how a big guy sells a cheap smartphone. This is also why this year Samsung did not launch a Galaxy S20e version, because if it does, this smartphone will cost about 750 USD or 800 USD. It is not the star of the show, but the star is the Galaxy S10e that costs $ 599.

Samsung is becoming more and more like Apple but that s OK too | Mobile

The Apple iPhones are selling today.

Remember, Apple hasn’t released an upgraded version of the iPhone XR, since 2018. However, Apple has an iPhone 11 priced from $ 699, which is a segment between an affordable iPhone and a really high-end iPhone. As a result, Samsung filled this segment and competed with Apple with the Galaxy S10, which dropped the price to $ 749.

While the premium segment still has a standard price of $ 999, Samsung has played big with an even more super-premium option, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which starts at $ 1,399. Perhaps no one else, it was Apple who taught Samsung how to sell a super expensive smartphone.

As for our users, Samsung’s new pricing strategy will bring many benefits. A Galaxy S10 at the present time is still very good, there is nothing to blame, while the price has fallen and is more affordable. Holding a Galaxy S10e on the road is still very classy, ​​does not seem cheap at all, while the price is really cheap. So if Samsung becomes more like Apple, that’s OK.

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