Samsung Galaxy Z Flip belly surgery: Truly has a screen protector glass, but no scratch-resistant effect

Popular YouTube channel JerryRigEverything has done a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip endurance test video, and the results are very controversial. According to test results, the screen of the Galaxy Z Flip is very prone to scratches and does not look like it is protected by a layer of glass, according to what Samsung claims.

To be able to better understand the truth, JerryRigEverything continued to make a second video, which was to dissect the Galaxy Z Flip smartphone. The result is quite surprising when the Galaxy Z Flip screen actually has a protective layer of glass, although it is very thin and not like any smartphone that we usually use.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip abdominal surgery.

However, Samsung still uses a protective plastic layer on the outside. This is the protective layer that easily scratches in JerryRigEverything’s previous durability test video.

Like the Galaxy Fold, the screen of the Galaxy Z Flip will not work if you take off this outer layer of protection. However, the screen border of the Galaxy Z Flip is better designed, to hold this protective layer and ensure that users will not accidentally peel it off.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip belly surgery Truly has a screen protector glass but no scratch resistant effect | Mobile

Ultra-thin glass of Galaxy Z Flip.

If you peel off this plastic protective layer, you can see the very thin glass below. But even if protected by glass, it has no effect against scratches. JerryRigEverything is also unclear what the actual effect of this glass is.

However, we can look at Motorola Razr, this foldable smartphone has a screen peeling after only a week of use. So the Galaxy Z Flip’s glass may be a part of the screen’s stronger construction, protecting the bottom panel like a bulletproof vest, but it’s not the outermost protective layer.

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