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Samsung catches up with TSMC, begins mass-producing 5nm chips and continues to study the 4nm process

In a recent announcement, South Korean tech giant Samsung confirmed it has begun mass-producing 5nm chips. In addition, Samsung is also working on a new 4nm process.

This speed is in line with the company’s previous announcements about starting mass production of 5nm chips by the end of Q2 / 2020. Samsung also revealed that it has expanded its production line in its factory complex in Pyeongtaek.

Pyeongtaek is Samsung’s new chip manufacturing complex and will also be the place where 5nm chips will be produced. The Korean electronics firm plans to invest about US $ 8.1 billion in the facility. This will be the place responsible for producing AI-powered chips, high-end smartphones, and HPC chips.

Samsung catches up with TSMC begins mass producing 5nm chips and continues to study the 4nm process | ICT News

Outside the Pyeongtaek factory complex

According to recent rumors, Samsung is expected to produce Exynos 1000 chip based on 5nm process. This new chip promises to be built into the Galaxy S21 Ultra series. In addition, Samsung recently announced that it is ready to mass-produce the Snapdragon 875G and Snapdragon 735G chips based on the 5nm process.

Of course this is only a small contract but a worthy recognition for Samsung before big rivals like TSMC.

In the opposite direction, Samsung rival TSMC has also started producing 5nm chips, namely Apple A14 for Apple. This is the chip that will be integrated into the upcoming iPhone 12 line this fall.

Samsung is one of the few smartphone makers that can make its own chips for smartphones. The Korean tech giant is ambitious to become the world’s leading semiconductor company by 2030.

Recently, it has been reported that Samsung will skip 4nm process to study 3nm. This move is intended to compete with TSMC. However, this information seems incorrect when Samsung is still taking the most cautious steps.

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