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Sales are not equal to 20% but Tesla has surpassed Volkswagen to become the world’s second most valuable automaker

Although the number of vehicles shipped in the whole year is less than 1/10 of Volkswagen, American electric car company Tesla has surpassed the German car company to become the most valuable car manufacturer in the world after Toyota of Toyota. Japan.

Tesla’s stock has more than doubled in the past three months, with market capitalization breaking through $ 100 billion on Wednesday. This is also the first time an American car manufacturer has surpassed this threshold.

In its acceleration, the company’s market capitalization has consistently surpassed many of its global rivals, such as Honda, BMW, compatriot General Motors and Daimler. And as of Wednesday, Tesla’s market capitalization surpassed that of Volkswagen (with a market cap of $ 99.4 billion).

Toyota still holds the unique position with a market capitalization of US $ 233 billion.

Tesla’s recent surge in momentum has been fueled by surprising profits in the third quarter, the opening of a new factory in China and higher-than-expected vehicle shipments in the fourth quarter.

Sales are not equal to 20 but Tesla has surpassed Volkswagen to become the world s second most valuable automaker | ICT News

Tesla’s market capitalization has rebounded in recent months and surpassed Volkswagen to take the global second place.

This suggests that many investors are optimistic that Tesla can continuously deliver profits, stable cash flows and growth.

Not only that, the strong momentum of Tesla shares also shows the confidence of many investors in the future of electric vehicles and Tesla’s transformation from a small car company to become a global power when the world. are heading towards cleaner cars.

However, if you look at the results of other car manufacturers, you can see that the distance is still very long. According to Refinitiv Data, Tesla’s sales last year reached about $ 31 billion, a very small figure compared to Toyota’s $ 276 billion, Volkswagen’s $ 283 billion and Daimler’s $ 191 billion.

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