Sad news at the end of the year: BLV Huu Trung and Minh Tan suddenly said goodbye to VETV

Recently, BLV Huu Trung and BLV Minh Tan simultaneously announced officially leaving VETV. This is sad news for many fans League of Legends when both have been with them for a long time League of Legends. Huu Trung possesses an active and passionate style. Meanwhile, Minh Tan has deep professional knowledge and long experience.

BLV Huu Trung BLP fanpage …

Sad news at the end of the year BLV Huu Trung and Minh Tan suddenly said goodbye to VETV | Esports

Specifically, BLV Minh Tan shared:

“This will be the final transfer news for VCS next season. Five years working at VETV is also time to say goodbye. After 5 years of working at VETV, it is finally time to say goodbye. is the best, probably not, but I believe I am one of those who have done everything for the Alliance. “

Many people think that 2 BLVs left VETV to join Riot Games Vietnam with the position of foreign commentator LCK and LPL. Still, Minh Tan said no. Most likely, he will become an analyst or a coach when sharing that he will continue to do eSports in another position.

To talk about Minh Tan and Huu Trung, the two BLVs, both impressed the international community and Vietnam by the emotional commentary during the battle of Phong Vu Buffalo against Vega Squadron. The game decided the ticket to the MSI 2019 group stage and PVB won. 2 BLV cried happily. Although they do not understand Vietnamese, many foreign fans are impressed by the sentences of Phong Vu Buffalo.

Thus, the VETV BLV array has less now. Are there any new faces for the 2020 season?

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