Rumor: The main villain in Doctor Strange 2 will be a member of the Avengers

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is considered the most important link in phase 4 of the MCU. This is the key to the theory of multiverse that Marvel Studios has devised in Avengers: EndgameIt is also a reasonable solution for them to bring the new superhero team in the Fox family to officially join the MCU thanks to Stephen Strange’s ability to travel through many universes.

Recently, rumors surrounding the villain in this movie have been attracting the attention of many fans. In particular, conspiracy theory sounds absurd, but in retrospect is quite convincing: Scarlet Witch / Wanda Maximoff will be one of the two antagonists confronting Doctor Strange. An Avengers with incredible power (The strongest currently according to chairman Kevin Feige) “bad” again to beat the home team, this is definitely not the scenario that many fans want.

Marvel has confirmed that Scarlet Witch will appear in Doctor Strange’s next movie, but who would have thought she might be the main villain against our ultimate sorcerer.

To explain this powerful plot twist, we need to go back in time a bit. Scarlet Witch first appeared on the big screen in the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) and officially became a couple with Vision – the two characters are the same victims of the Infinity Stone experiment. Come Infinity War, Vision was murdered by Thanos to take the Mind Stone, and Wanda was one of the flying victims after the crazy Titan’s snap. Then in End game, we have witnessed the terrible power of Scarlet Witch through a solo performance on Thanos himself. Although the Avengers were victorious, her lover could never return again.

It is this that makes Wanda constantly immersed in guilt, regret for not being able to protect the one he loves. Eventually, she became the victim of Nightmare, the entity that dominated the Dream Dimension, which was filled with the most ambiguous and crazy things. Nightmare is also said to be the main villain in Doctor Strange 2, who manipulated the mind of the Scarlet Witch and used her to oppose Stephen Strange himself as well as the other Avengers.

Rumor The main villain in Doctor Strange 2 will be a member of the Avengers | Live

Wanda was manipulated by the mind of Nightmare, so he attacked Doctor Strange?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will take place right after the events in the TV series WandaVision ends on Disney +. That is why Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige once emphasized that fans will have to watch TV dramas to understand the MCU in the future.. According to some rumors, WandaVision will be based on the story of House of M. by Brian Michael Bendis, published in 2005. After witnessing the death of two biological children (currently cast for the series on Disney +), Wanda used the mysterious power of yourself to rewrite the truth, transforming mutants into rulers on Earth.

The end of WandaVision shows that the Scarlet Witch is gradually going crazy, losing her mind and being easily manipulated by Nightmare. Wanting to revive her two children, her tremendous power creates a gap in reality, directly threatening humanity. But in the end, it was Nightmare that made her realize this reality was not real, it was just an illusion she drew to delve herself.

Rumor The main villain in Doctor Strange 2 will be a member of the Avengers | Live

WandaVision are events that happened just before Doctor Strange 2 went to the big screen, and also showed the reason why Scarlet Witch came out to face the home team.

With such a happy ending, it can be said that Marvel Studios has pre-set up what can happen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Wanda is not really a bad guy, but because of hatred, the loss of two children, plus the mind is not lucid under the influence of Nightmare made her blindly attack Doctor Strange. And the mission of the wizard Stephen Strange of course is to rebuild the order of reality, and destroy Nightmare to rescue Scarlet Witch.

Of course, these are rumors that have not been confirmed by Marvel and are for reference only. Recently, director Scott Derrickson also officially withdrew from the project Doctor Strange 2, so the script for this movie can completely change in a different direction when someone comes to power. But in general, most reputable sources agree that Wanda will fall into the abyss of despair after WandaVision end. Whether she would do anything to Stephen Strange, and whether she could find herself again, the answer would be revealed when Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness aired on 5/5/2021.

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