Romance Dawn, a name that sets the stage for Eiichiro Oda to make a legend

In the Japanese manga industry, publications usually start with a short story before being adopted and become a long-term version. One Piece It is not an exception. In 1996, author Eiichiro Oda released a short one-shot titled Romance Dawn in Shonen Jump Summer Special magazine. The story features appearances from Moneky D. Luffy, “Red-haired” Shanks and a villain, Gally “The Crescent Moon”.

The story takes place during a sea voyage, Luffy then had a confrontation with Gally’s pirates near an island. On that island, while the people and the mayor wanted to hand over money in exchange for peace, a girl named Shiruku wanted to fight.

Luffy defeated Gally and allowed the boat to moor nearby, but he thought it was an abandoned town because the people were already in the house. Just as Gally could not finish his threats, Luffy got off the boat to enter town.

Here, Luffy meets Shiruku and tells him he wants to be a “Peace Main” like Shanks. Shanks in the Romance Dawn version is still the one who saved Luffy as a child and gives him the straw hat.

Shiruku realized that the name Luffy just mentioned was Shanks “Red Hair”, a famous pirate across the sea. She also revealed the truth to Luffy about being the daughter of a pirate, but was abandoned as a child.

Together, Shiruku and Luffy later defeated Gally’s crew, then set sail again.

It was Romance Dawn’s early charm that laid the foundation for Oda to form one of the greatest manga in history, One Piece. For many fans, this one-shot is chapter zero. Through Romance Dawn, fans have had interesting views about the original looks of some Red Hair members like Yasopp, Lucky Roux in a very different way. with when One Piece came out. In addition, Romance Dawn is also different from the current One Piece when the pirates are created with two different concepts. “Peace main” is used to refer to the adventurous pirates representing righteousness. The pirates with evil intentions will be called through the name “Morgania Pirates”.

Luffy and Shanks belong to the “Peace main” group, while Gally is representing the “Morgania Pirates” side.

In 2008, Romance Dawn was adapted into an OVA and added new details such as the Straw Hat crew, the Thousand Sunny. Interestingly, Romance Dawn also added a second version, released in 1996. This is a drawing version and content similar to what Oda showed in the first chapter of One Piece.

At the time of the second release of Romance Dawn, author Eiichiro Oda had a bit of a change in Shanks’ relationship with Luffy. Therefore, it was Garp’s grandfather who gave Luffy the iconic straw hat instead of “Red Hair” as before. Both Shiruku and Gally have been identified from the previous version. And also to mention the name Gomu Gomu No Mi was introduced, although the concept of Devil Fruit did not exist at that time.

Romance Dawn a name that sets the stage for Eiichiro Oda to make a legend | GameK

The second version of Romance Dawn also has an episode released to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the One Piece anime airing.

Author Oda once revealed that the topic of pirates traveling across the ocean was originally thought up by him when he was in high school. And it is that inspiration that helped Oda create Romance Dawn, thereby laying the foundation for One Piece, which is associated with many generations of readers. It is no exaggeration to say that Romance Dawn is the historic “starting line” to make the One Piece today.

Romance Dawn a name that sets the stage for Eiichiro Oda to make a legend | GameK

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