Robert Pattinson asked to take a break from filming Tenet because he had a job, and director Christopher Nolan knew he was going to audition for Batman

On the internet, director Christopher Nolan advocated the release of his brainchild to international theaters as soon as the Covid-19 epidemic was still unpredictable. In the new interview, Nolan mentioned his praise to the movie Tenet, saying that it was the movie that saved the movie theater chain during this difficult period.

In addition to the discussion about Tenet, surely questions will revolve around the Batman trilogy completed by Nolan a few years ago, especially when Tenet’s supporting role is Robert Pattinson, who will take on the famous robe of Batman in the film will be released in 2021.

Nolan said this in an interview with the news agency CNA in Singapore, in response to Tenet’s acclaim:

I just accept the responsibility of making the best movie possible. I think the concept of cinema is not just confined to one or a few movies, and I think people are simplifying the problem, especially in the present situation. I am satisfied that the producer has agreed to show the film in venues where the open theaters are still open. Obviously, this was not the debut we had been thinking of. But then, the world didn’t turn out like this when we started shooting, and then we had to adapt to the environment like everyone else. I’m just very, very happy that the world’s audiences were able to give their first feedback on the film, because for me, as a filmmaker, spiritual food wouldn’t be complete without people. Enjoy it and tell me what I have done“.

Early reviews about Tenet contain mixed opinions, when there are parties who insist that the scenario is too confusing, there are many places that claim Tenet contains action sequences that are said to be the two most in the history of the cinema. . Unfortunately, many parts of the world have yet to enjoy the new movie.

Robert Pattinson asked to take a break from filming Tenet because he had a job and director Christopher Nolan knew he was going to audition for Batman | Live

The CNA interview featured Batman as well as the upcoming movie, and we have an interesting piece of news: Robert Pattinson got the good news while on Tenet. The actor told The Irish Time:

“It’s funny, because Chris always keeps many secrets related to his film projects. Then I have to stay quiet about things related to Batman. So I had to lie to Chris about auditioning – I told him that I had a serious family business. And as soon as I said that, he said that ‘You’re auditioning Batman, aren’t you?」.

The reporter wondered if Pattinson had asked Nolan how to be an excellent Batman. And Nolan says:

Surely he did not consult me. And I also kept quiet until Tenet was finished. We exchanged back and forth, joking with each other a few sentences. There was mention of the difficulties he will have to go through [khi vào vai Batman]. He’s very excited, and I think you will do well in your role. I am excited to see what you can do with the role“.

Receiving the teachings from the director who has revived the Batman character from the ashes of failure (in terms of movies), Robert Pattinson will surely get his valuable lessons. Let’s see how successful the handsome Pattinson guy will be with his role in life.

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