Riot teases Wukong ‘new’ appeared right in March, the gameplay full of Lethality was killed?

Wukong has been the hottest topic on social media right now when his latest remake was so stoned that Riot Games have to change designers a few days ago. What makes the player most dissatisfied is that Riot does not seem to care about this champion, they only make superficial tweaks on the outside and do not change the one-color gameplay of Wukong.

Wukong has rarely been re-selected with too monotonous gameplay, so it needs a quick correction from Riot

Riot Games probably understands the problem that this champion is not lacking in damage or anything else, this monkey is having a way of playing and the loading style is too simple, it’s all up to kill and rush to kill. rival only. So in the latest announcement of Riot August, the latest person to take over the re-opening of Wukong, he shared that the way to kill Lethality and the monotonous way of playing on it will be reduced power, instead this general. There will be more ways to outplay opponents.

Riot teases Wukong new appeared right in March the gameplay full of Lethality was killed | Esports

Riot August: “I embarked on changing Wukong with a significant reduction in the scope of the rework (not too many changes in visual effects and dialogue).

These updates will be based on the tools available in Wukong, similar to how we upgrade Shaco and receive what Riot Lutzburg left. Goals and launch time:

Make Wukong no more monotonous gameplay (there is more to do, more ways to outplay and reduce the ability to all-in damage as before). Chance W – Bird Decoy will be the most edited skill in this direction and will help Wukong’s top and jungle stronger. In return, Wukong goes mid with the way to the lethal map, which will greatly weaken, opening up the opportunity for jungling and top.

The first launch time will be on the 18th or 19th of the PBE server and the official launch target is version 10.6. During that time, we will experiment continuously with new restrictions such as no change in visual and sound effects. It will probably come out in version 10.5 if everything works perfectly, but the ratio is high “.

Riot teases Wukong new appeared right in March the gameplay full of Lethality was killed | Esports

Wukong doesn’t have many nice costumes but his gameplay is too single-color and all-in on damage

Although Wukong is not only slightly modified like Shaco, it does not mean that we cannot expect this update. Remember, after Shaco was updated, this champion immediately became extremely strong with the ability to clear the forest too fast and level 3 with only 38s, even after nerf, Shaco is still a strong support in the bottom lane. . Only slightly modified the mechanics of the Phantom Clown Box made Shaco change like that.

Riot teases Wukong new appeared right in March the gameplay full of Lethality was killed | Esports

Shaco after doing it again has become a nightmare for gamers League of Legends

Wukong is more likely to be modified as well, perhaps the ability to allow clones from W – Bird Bait can be normalized as well as the hero is also retained when it is a great feature. The story of Wukong does not need an upgrade of the image and anyone can see it, but it is also a story of the future, in the immediate future, we will be able to witness a new “great” very soon when the 10.6 version will be updated. in the middle of March.

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