Riot Games’ worst mistakes made them always mocked by the League of Legends community

New hero or redo is too buggy

Not far, the latest League of Legends general – Samira has been storming all ranks and servers with its enormous strength. She can deal huge amounts of damage, plays on top of opponents and is extremely virtual in combat. Samira is just the latest product of Riot in a series of newly released or incredibly powerful remakes, otherwise possessing a lot of effects and too much versatility.

Samira’s skill set proved to be unbalanced at all

The new or remade characters of League of Legends possess too much power that they should not have and become a true “all-powerful” general in the game. Story Riot Games making that mistake is not new at all. Not until recently did the community use the phrase “200 years of experience” to refer to this erroneous general design of Riot.

Client is too error

Client error is probably the “specialty” of League of Legends When cases like the screen suddenly go black, in the pick and ban section, the click will not be able to select the champion you want … too much. What is more inhibited when you want to play the game but can’t because the League client doesn’t allow it. There was a time when gamers called Riot’s general development posts useless and asked the father of League of Legends to focus on fixing clients.

“Holy bug” Vandiril has compiled us the most humorous and most serious bugs of League of Legends client

“Club 1000” and the darling association

If you do not know, the phrase “Club 1000” was devised by gamers on the Reddit forum to refer to generals who have not had a new outfit for more than 1000 days. Since then also gradually formed an opposite concept that is the pet guild, only the generals get too many skins. It can be said that not only is there an imbalance in the design of a new hero, even when choosing a character to make the skin, Riot is also quite unfair.

This year Lux owns 2 more Legendary equipment

There is even a special case like the Ornn Than Rung costume, which was introduced in the development diary video from early 2020, yet until the end of September as now, this costume has not appeared. Meanwhile, the generals of the darling association like Lux, Ezreal or Yasuo still continuously own new outfits, which are extremely sophisticated and eye-catching. And the darling story – the scabies keeps becoming a popular topic for gamers every time Riot releases a new skin.

Riot Games worst mistakes made them always mocked by the League of Legends community | Esports

The Ornn Spirit Forest Skin was introduced in early 2020, but up to now it has not been seen

Equipment is too unbalanced

Equipment is an indispensable part of League of Legends, it has a huge impact on many different generals and character classes and can make certain names extremely cool. Unknowingly or intentionally, Riot Games often has a habit of buffing some equipment for no reason at all, causing the character class that uses it to suddenly become terribly strong. Without saying that, Vu Dieu Tu Than is the latest example of this mistake of Riot Games.

Riot Games worst mistakes made them always mocked by the League of Legends community | Esports

From the situational equipment used by a few champions, Riot unexpectedly bestows the item with additional armor and magic resistance and makes it a perfect defense tool. And almost immediately, most of the physical gladiators to snipers abused this item and became terribly difficult to die. Without the mocking community, Riot has “meme himself” with this item when he once said – “You want to be Diamond? What are you waiting for without abusing Vu Dieu Tu Than”.

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