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Review the entire history of the milestones in the story of swordplay Kim Dung

(The following timeline is referenced and compiled from ADM’s post: Ha Tuc Dao on the Kiem Hiep Kim Dung fanpage.)

In 483 BC, Tay Thi went to Ngo country, Pham Loi met A Thanh. A Thanh imparted the swordsmanship to the Vietnamese swordsmen.

In 476 BC, the country of Wu was destroyed. Pham Loi went into hiding with Tay Thi and A Thanh left.

In 527, the high rise Thien Truc – Dat Ma Zen master went to the Middle Earth to evangelize and found the Chinese Zen Buddhism. He stayed in Shaolin for 9 years.

In 536, the ancestor Dat Ma passed away.

In 554, Vu Van Thai of the Tay Wei Dynasty attacked Giang Lang citadel (now Kinh Chau). The former Emperor of the Luong dynasty kept treasure at Thien Ninh Tu, which is the treasure “Relied into.”

At the end of the Sui Dynasty, Ly Tinh learned the esoteric martial arts “Translating Can Kinh”.

In 640, the Servant of the Army attacked Cao Xuong Quoc.

In 694, the Ming Giao was transmitted to the Middle Earth.

At the end of the Tang Dynasty, the swordsman Gia Hung improved the Viet Nu for the sword.

In 877, Cai Bang was established.

In 907, the Tang dynasty perished, Da Luat A Bao Co founded Khiet Dan

In 937, Tu Binh Doan declared the state of Dai

In the years 936 – 946, Phap Hue Zen master of Shaolin trained himself to become Nhat, only to meditate.

In 960, Trieu Khuong led overthrew the Zhou dynasty, starting the Song period.

In 1030, Mo Dung Uncle was born.

In 1038, Tay Ha country established.

In 1047, Mo Dung Uncle Ho wounded Hoang My Tang

In 1051, Anonymous Tang to Shaolin Temple

Review the entire history of the milestones in the story of swordplay Kim Dung | Khám phá

In 1060, Tieu Phong was born

In 1061, Tieu Vien Son’s family met an accident in Nhan Mon Guan.

In 1062, Tieu Vien Son learned to steal martial arts at Shaolin Tu

In 1063, Dinh Xuan Thu haunted the team of monk Vo Nhai Tu

In 1064, Mo Dung Phuc was born

In 1065, the founder of Persian Minh Giao, Hoac Son fabricated Thanh Hoa Huyen, engraved on the quintessence of martial arts for life.

In 1069, Huu Truc was born.

In 1071, Doan Du was born.

In 1072, Mo Dung Uncle beat and wounded Thoi Bach Tuyen.

In 1074, A Chau was born.

In 1083, Kieu Phong took over the new host state of Cai Bang

In 1090, Cuu Ma Tri was in a great battle against Sung Thanh Tu (Dai Ly).

In 1091, Kieu Phong left Cai Bang. In 1092, the great war of Tu Hien Trang.

In 1093, Kieu Phong assisted Gia Luat Hong Co to overthrow Hoang Thai Thuc’s rebellion. Vo Nhai Tu died, Huu Truc became the new master of the Tieu Dao sect. In the same year, the country of Tay Ha tried to violate a horse.

In 1094, Doan Chinh Minh gave the throne to Doan Du. Tieu Phong committed suicide.

In 1103, Yue Fei was born

In 1112, Wang Chongqing was born.

In 1115, Hoan Nhan A Cot Di declared the nation of Dai Kim

In 1120, Hoang Thuong challenged the Minh Giao war

In 1125, Kim Quoc destroyed Lieu.

In 1127, the Jin Kingdom destroyed the North Song.

In 1127-1130, Linh Hung Zen master of Shaolin Tu took 39 years to practice Nhat only meditating

In 1140, Loneliness Beating created the ninth Destroying Air Formula of Alone Nine Swords.

In 1141, Yue Fei wrote Vo Muc Di Thu

In 1158, Doan Tri Hung was born

In 1163, Chu Ba Thong was born.

In 1164, Hoang Thuong completed the Nine Yin Sings of Chan Kinh. Hong That Cong is born.

In 1168, Au Duong Phong was born

In 1170, Lonely Lonely Bridge died.

Review the entire history of the milestones in the story of swordplay Kim Dung | Khám phá

In 1171, Hoang Duoc Su was born.

In 1173, Khuc Linh Phong was born.

In 1178, Cuu Thien Nhan was born.

In 1183, Kim Falun Dafa was born.

In 1184, Zhou Zi Lieu was born.

In 1186, Tran Huyen Phong and Au Duong Khac were born.

In 1190, Hoa Cong Dau Da massacred Shaolin clergy.

In 1196, Vuong Trung Duong re-entered the Ancient Tomb, engraved the Nine Yin Sings of Chan Kinh on the coffin box, saving the words “Ngoc Nu Tam Kinh, sex wins all legs, the most important birth, no weakness”. A day later, Vo Danh Tang and Vuong Trung Duong had a wine fight to watch the Nine Yin Yang’s review of the Nine Commentaries; The eunuch during the Southern Song Dynasty founded the Noble Phantasmus.

In 1200, Hoa Son essay sword 1

In 1203, Wang Chongyang died in death.

In 1205, Quach Tinh was born

In 1206, Genghis Khan founded Mongolia.

In 1208, Hoang Dung was born.

In 1226, Duong Qua was born

In 1227, Hoa Son discussed sword 2. Mongolia destroyed Tay Ha. Genghis Khan died

In 1234, Kim was destroyed by Mongolia.

In 1235, the master Minh Giao based on the great technique of Mou Rong Long Thanh’s Dau Transfer Tinh Di, which created a more powerful divine discipline known as Can Khone Dai Na Di.

In 1243, Au Duong Phong & Hong That Cong died; Yangzi and Xiao Long Nu used a pair of spiked swords to defeat Kim Falun Dafa King. Yangzi learned the cannonball.

In 1247, Truong Tam Phong was born.

In 1253, Mongolia annihilated Dali.

In 1257, the Archdiocese of Minh Giao was taken away by the Holy Fire command.

In 1259, Duong Qua kicked and killed the Mongolian typhoon. Hoa Son essay sword 3.

In 1262, Quach Tuong du Shaolin.

In 1271, Kublai Khan changed the name of Mongolia to Dai Nguyen.

Review the entire history of the milestones in the story of swordplay Kim Dung | Khám phá

In 1273, Quach Tinh and Hoang Dung died in battle at Tuong Duong citadel.

In 1276, the Mongols attacked the capital city of Lam An of the Southern Song Dynasty.

In 1296, King Ta Ton was born.

In 1317, Ta Ton worshiped his master Thanh Con and joined the Ming Dao.

In 1318, An Le Dinh, a disciple of the Vo Dang sect was born.

In 1323, Jackie Chan killed the whole Ta Ton family.

In 1336, Ta Ton and Truong Thuy Son and his wife arrived on Bang Hoa Island.

In 1337, the 90th anniversary of Truong Tam Phong. Truong Vo Ky is born.

In 1338, Nguyen army defeated Minh Giao insurgent army in Vien Chau, Thuong Ngo Xuan, and Banh Oanh Ngoc luckily escaped.

In 1339, Chu Chi Rui was born.

In 1340, the Daughter of Lady Nhuyang, Man Man, was born, Nguyen De was named “Trieu Man of the Lord”.

1341: Tieu Chieu is born.

In 1346, the 100-year-old life expectancy of Truong Tam Phong. The fiancee of Truong Thuy Son’s family committed suicide.

Review the entire history of the milestones in the story of swordplay Kim Dung | Khám phá

In 1351, Truong Vo Ky trained the Nine-Yang Chan Kinh

In 1357, the mainland sect sect to beat Minh Giao. Truong Vo Ky became a Catholic priest. Truong Tam Phong created Tai Chi Shen Cong.

1358: Tieu Chieu returns to Persia.

In 1359, Shaolin was a heroic monk, Bach Mi Ung Vuong An Thien Chinh died.

In 1360, Truong Vo Ky withdrew in hiding. Duong Tieu became the 35th monk of Minh Giao.

In 1365, Minh Giao described envoy Pham Dao based on Bac Minh Than Cong and Hoa Cong Dafa and then created Steam Tinh Dafa.

In 1368, the Ming dynasty destroyed Nguyen Trieu

In 1372, Duong Tieu died. Internally, Minh Giao happened to be opaque. The nobles in the religion decided to reform, rename the religion to Nhat Nguyet Than Giao.

In 1400, Quy Hoa Bao Dien fell to Hong Diep the Zen master of South Shaolin.

In 1401, Thai-Nhac peeped on Quy Hoa Bao Dien. Lam Vien Do, after seeing the lack of version of Quy Hoa Bao Dien, created President Ta Kiem Pho.

In 1402, Hoa Son was classified as qi qi sword.

In 1406, 10 elders Nhat Nguyet god broke the Five Music Sword Method.

In 1420, Nhat Nguyet the god of the ambushed Vo Dang mountain, Tai chi Quyen Kinh and Chan Vo Kiem handwritten by Truong Tam Phong were taken.

In 1458, Tai chi monk Truong Tam Phong died, at the age of 212 (according to “Ancient Tai Chi universalizing the Xian Xian Troupe”, Ly Su Dung argues)

In 1469, Command Ho Xung was born.

In 1479, the Sword Tong faction and the Air sect of Hoa Son sect scrambled.

In 1486, Nham Doanh Doanh was born.

In 1493, Dong Phuong Unwavering became the god Sunday of the Moon.

In 1503, Du Thuong Hai destroyed Phuc Uy Tieu Bureau

In 1504, Order Ho Xung learned the Poison Nine Sword

In 1506, Nham Nga Hanh died

In 1509, Command Ho Xung & Nham Doanh Doanh formed a fiancee, joking and arrogant.

In 1610, Kim Xa Lang Quan Ha Tuyet Nghi met a threat to destroy the subject.

In 1612, Ha Tuyet Nghi won the three fortifications of the Ngu Tien Giao Dao.

In 1623, Vien Thua Chi was born.

In 1644, Vien Thua Chi, the son of martial arts general Yuan Sung Hoan, took a proud leadership in the Gypsy to help Ly Tu Suc succeed in destroying Beijing, and the Ming dynasty was destroyed. Ngo Tam Que surrendered to Thanh, and Ly Nham and his wife committed suicide. In the same year, Vien Thua Chi and Ha Thanh Thanh led relatives and subordinates to flee to present-day Indonesia.

In 1645, in the middle of summer, under the pursuit of the Qing army, Ly Tu Thanh’s main army retreated to Thong Thanh district, Hubei district. One day, Ly Tu Thanh brought a small number of soldiers to the south of the district. Because he slept deeply in the Temple of Huyen De, Cuu Cung Son, he was manslied by a farmer from Khuong’s family, and lived 39 years old.

Review the entire history of the milestones in the story of swordplay Kim Dung | Khám phá

In 1655, Vi Tieu Bao was born in Yangzhou.

In 1669, Kangxi and Vi Tieu Bao arrested Ngao Bai.

In 1670, Vi Tieu Bao became Thanh Moc Duong, the homeowner of Thien Dia Hoi.

In 1698, the Grand Master of the Vu Duong sect, Luc Phi Thanh was born.

In 1711, Emperor Ung Chinh and the Tran family in Hai Ninh swapped their newly born daughter. Ai Tan Giac La Hoang Lich is the son of the Chen family in Hai Ninh, Zhejiang.

In 1733, Tran Gia Lac was born.

In 1735, Ai Tan Giac La Hoang Lich was inaugurated, the reign of Can Long.

In 1753, Miao Nhan Phung and Ho Nhat Dao decided to fight. Ho Phi is born.

In 1758, the Red Flower Association imprisoned Qianlong in Luc Hoa Thap and forced Qianlong to admit his status.

In 1759, Princess Huong Huong committed suicide in Beijing

In 1780, Miao Nhan Phung and Ho Phie fought

In 1924, Kim Dung was born.

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