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Review the cards made Vegasasu’s name in Yu-Gi-Oh!

In the story, Vegasasu’s real name is Pegasus J. Crawford. But the writer asked for permission to use the name “Vegasasu” because it was more familiar to Vietnamese readers.

Right from the start of his appearance in the series, Vegasasu has always dressed himself up with a flashy, optimistic and quite humorous appearance. He is also known as the creator of the magic card, and possesses a huge fortune, and superior card fighting ability. Even the way he impresses Yugi is very different, when challenging our main character with a card game on TV.

And even more strange, when Vegasasu completely did not hide his ability, but instead publicized his ability to read other people’s minds thanks to the Millennium Eye in that match. He even pretended to win close, as well as binding his grandfather Yugi into the TV screen to force him to attend his tournament.

During Yugi’s journey on the island, Vegasasu always kept a humorous appearance, but hidden deep inside his soul were vicious machinations. For example, arranging the assassin to own a Blue Eyes White Dragon Card like Kaiba, or even capturing the souls of both Kaiba and Mokuba brothers into inanimate cards. By this time, there may be many readers who are upset with Vegasasu. Not to mention that, he used himself as the creator of the magic card to make devil cards that no one had the ability to own except him.

And fate made Vegasasu the chosen one to own the Millennium Eye, and in that moment, he met the girl he loved. And even the purpose that Vegasasu wanted to usurp Kaiba Corporation was not outside of possessing three-dimensional technology, which could help him pursue the image of a girl forever.

first. Toon’s world

Review the cards made Vegasasu s name in Yu Gi Oh | Khám phá

This is probably a simple card, and best suited to the humor, love to watch cartoons, read stories of Vegasasu. Activating Toon’s world, Vegasasu will turn all his monsters into comic book characters in a whole new world, and especially, his monsters are completely unaffected by other cards. , except the Toon card itself.

Kaiba is the first test subject, and also the most bitter person. And that’s when we see how a powerful Blue-Eyed Dragon suddenly becomes “dumb” and “twists” when combined with Toon’s World. Even Yugi struggled with the Toon Summon Demon, before succeeding in taking down this castle.

2. The House Detention House Dragon

The product is almost unique, which only Vegasasu owns, and is also Kaiba’s engraving. This jar can capture all the dragon clan monsters and permanently imprison them. Vegasasu even made these monsters to betray him, if he summoned the Ghost King – the one who could blow stars and control the monsters in the Dragon House Containment Chamber at his disposal.

Review the cards made Vegasasu s name in Yu Gi Oh | Khám phá

The crystal card of the Blue-eyed White Dragon.

Unlike Toon’s world, Yugi was the first person to receive the benefits of cards through a battle on TV. But Kaiba is the most bitter person, when his main suit with 3 White Eyes and Blue Eyes becomes hopeless with just one card from Vegasasu.

3. Psychedelic Monster Thousand-Eyed Eyes

The strongest, most hideous and final boss that Yugi must overcome. Not only does the monster paralyze an opponent, this monster can also capture and possess the monster’s defensive stats.

Review the cards made Vegasasu s name in Yu Gi Oh | Khám phá

The horrible card of Vegasasu.

However, what no one expected was that the final boss’s anti-spirit card was the small and weak Kuribo spirit. The Kuribo and Multiplier Combos completely negated the ability of the Evil Eye Maze, before Yugi used the Enemy Witch to determine the fate of the match.

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