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Review summary: Is a cat litter cleaner that costs nearly $1,000 really necessary?

For many people, keeping a kitten in the house will bring them many moments of joy and relaxation. But dealing with their waste so that your house doesn’t smell, is definitely not a hobby. Unlike dogs, cats are considered to be very independent animals. As long as the owner arranges the right space for food, a place to play, even a toilet – they all know what to do. And of course, the cats, no matter how beautiful, smart and affectionate they are, cleaning the toilet for them still has to go to the “lotus” and that is not an interesting experience at all.

Among the top famous faces of the YouTube village, every video on Giang Oi’s Vlog channel always receives the attention of millions of fans. Besides the content revolving around the lives of adults and young people in modern society such as: Studying abroad stories, ways to learn English better, life skills, weight loss, love stories, travel, self-care Making cosmetics for skin care and green lifestyle, serving cat bosses at home is also one of the attractive topics that many people pay attention to.

Review summary Is a cat litter cleaner that costs nearly 1 000 really necessary | Technological iced tea

Three years ago, she was one of the first people to unbox a Litter-Robot 3 cat litter machine that costs more than $1,000 (equivalent to VND 23.5 million). According to the owner of the video, this smart machine is not as expensive as the title, but because she ordered it from the US, the extra cost when returning to Vietnam is nearly equal to the selling price of the machine. About the function of the device, Giang said its task is only … to filter feces and urine after the cat “acts”. The machine works by adjusting the mode on the mobile phone application, or pressing the button on the body. In the machine, the waste will rotate and filter out the sealed box. If there are few cats in the house, the frequency of the tray change can be once a week, if there are more than 2-3 cats, every few days.

Video: Is the $1,000 cat litter machine worth it? | Giang, vlogs

Hot girl streamer Linh Ngoc Dam then had to “close a single” right away at the smart cleaning spaceship with the same version as Giang Oi. In terms of features, it is similar to Giang’s, except that the smart toilet for Ms. Dai’s bosses is not “smarter” because it is a version that does not connect to the phone. Linh Ngoc Dam shared: “If this machine compares to a normal sand pot, it is super convenient because there is no smell, I put it right in the bedroom toilet without any smell at all and very clean. If you have 3 or more children, you should buy this device immediately.”

Video: Review $1000 smart poop cleaner for cats. Is it worth it? | Linh Ngoc Dam

Besides, in the pet market, there are not only Litter-Robot but also many different brands such as: Petree, Catlink, Meet… with more affordable prices. Users can choose a smart pet toilet suitable for the size and weight of the boss. According to initial assessment, those who own the “machine” to clean cat litter all give 5 stars because it saves sand, saves time, and has no smell because the waste is closed and clean.

Review summary Is a cat litter cleaner that costs nearly 1 000 really necessary | Technological iced tea

Detailed comparison table of cat litter machines | Photo: FB

Following this trend, it is impossible to ignore Duy Tham, reviewer from Schannel also revealed that he bought a cat feces cleaning machine worth thousands of dollars that runs on rice. As soon as there is a sign of feces, this machine will automatically shovel and pour, it is worth buying. In fact, that’s a simile of the cat poop shovel sold on Shopee priced from 7,000 – 10,000 VND, and the rice machine is none other than Duy Tham’s “lotus”. Why spend tens of millions of dong to buy a machine with similar functions?

Video: Duy Tham “buys” a cat litter removal machine for thousands of dollars | Duy Tham

After all, if you have the conditions and a little to spare, you can think of buying one of the above children to handle the litter tray and cat waste for you. Of course, those automatic cleaners aren’t cheap either. If it were you, would you close the order to buy a manure removal machine for your boss?

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