Review Returnal exclusive PS5: a good reason for you to buy a new generation PlayStation

Turn on the game, but Returnal does not say anything, it immediately takes the player straight into the harsh world of the planet Atropos.

You are shown a short cutscene that shows the main character, astronaut Selene Vassos (transliterated as Selin Vassos), crashing a ship on a strange planet. Selene left the ship, and the game immediately began. The title “Returnal” doesn’t even appear anywhere, only appearing for the first time when Selene died the first time.

The trailer introduces the gameplay of Returnal, a PS5 exclusive super product.

Released on April 30, 2021, Returnal is an exclusive game on the PlayStation 5. The game takes advantage of the breakthrough power of the PS5, but does not stop at flashy graphics – can be up to 4K and 60 fps – Returnal also has many other plus points to deserve to be a blockbuster game on the PlayStation.

At this point, Returnal is one of the best reasons to buy a PlayStation 5.


From the first moment you set foot on the planet Atropos, you will be immediately overwhelmed by the quiet, mysterious space that the game brings. The sound of pouring rain, strange plants greening the planet, you are unconsciously drawn into an unfamiliar space.

Returnal’s clear light effect is shown through the top of the tree.

This sense of immersion is enhanced by haptic feedback, the unique vibration mechanism found on the PS5 controller. The background sounds of the environment accompanied by a gentle vibration in the hand make it easy for gamers to immerse themselves in the virtual world. With games with beautiful scenery like Returnal, or specifically the planet Atropos, it is not difficult for a gamer to immerse himself in the game, keeping an eye on every corner of the deadly planet and the ruins of a fallen civilization. to pour.

Physical effects and particle effects in the game are done very well, harmoniously combined with creative lighting elements to make details appear clearly on the screen. This is also what makes the game’s success, when the battle screen can become extremely chaotic, with light effects coming from bullets or the image of the enemy itself.

The clear delineation of the elements will make the player not overwhelmed, clearly see the bullets rushing towards the character to be able to react in time.

Review Returnal exclusive PS5 a good reason for you to buy a new generation PlayStation | Apps/Games

Style play

The name “Returnal” is a combination of the two words “return” and “eternal”; This compound word can be translated as “return forever”. And yes, the character Selene is stuck in a time loop, constantly returning to the starting point – where she crashed the ship – to continue exploring Atropos and uncovering the mystery that surrounds the planet and her past. myself.

Returnal is a roguelike game, meaning that when the character dies, they will be returned to the starting point, and lose all items and character upgrades (in terms of blood, about weapons) obtained during the game. . However, if you unlock new items, get new features, they will still appear in later plays.

Returnal is a combination of the quintessence of many game genres.

We have the roguelike element.

After each death and continuing to try, you will understand more about the world of Atropos and the dangers lurking. You will know which weapons suit your playstyle, which supports are “delicious”, how monsters and bosses behave to be easily dodged.

Basically, if you are persistent enough, persistent in playing and persistently looking for luck, you will break the game.

Returnal’s endless loop.

We have the metroidvania element.

Just keep going, you will gradually unlock features, permanent upgrades for the character, allowing Selene to have new abilities.

For example, in the first table, you will encounter items hidden behind vegetation, hidden under water or in unreachable places. As Selene gains additional melee weapons, the ability to breathe underwater, or special tools for climbing, she will gain access to these locations.

Review Returnal exclusive PS5 a good reason for you to buy a new generation PlayStation | Apps/Games

Review Returnal exclusive PS5 a good reason for you to buy a new generation PlayStation | Apps/Games


is a portmanteau of “Metroid” and “Castlevania”, two 2D “group” titles that spawn a whole series of games. Games of the metroidvania genre are often 2D, with many locked areas that require certain upgrades for the character to progress, creating a sense of authentic exploration and giving the player a clear sense that, Characters get stronger over time.

Some of the hit games of this genre include Hollow Knight, the Ori series, Blasphemous or Dead Cells.

We have the platforming element.

Surprise! I compared Returnal, a PS5 exclusive to Mario, a Nintendo console exclusive. Selene must adventure in the trap world of Atropos, which means she will have to run, jump, glide a lot across terrain, and need to land exactly where she needs to be.

That’s when the strength of the PS5 controller appeared and how to apply this strength to the game. Selene reacts very quickly to each button press, creating a smooth feeling of movement, allowing you to easily navigate and dodge enemy bullets. There’s a simple element that I really like: Selene runs very fast, which makes running back and forth between rooms in no time.

How skillfully Selene moves is entirely up to the player.

Besides, the distance Selene can surf in the air is completely in the hands of the player – you click the O button to let Selene surf, and hold it longer to let the character fly further; The player can control exactly where the character hits the ground. This is an important factor in every platform game: giving the player the feeling that the character moves correctly, because as mentioned above, you will have to control Selene to run, jump and surf to dodge a lot of things. .

The button on the PS5 controller is not too bouncy, presses very smoothly, making it easier to control the character.

I have bullet hell, the fights are so chaotic it’s hard to breathe.

The concept of “bullet hell”, roughly translated as “straight bullet hell”, is used to refer to games that require players to dodge countless enemy bullets flying at them. In Returnal, each type of monster will fire different bullets, you must know what kind of bullets each enemy releases, in order to have the most appropriate response, such as actively dodging attacks or hiding behind obstacles. .

Selene has three important weapons: a ranged gun, a melee sword, and her ability to dodge gracefully. Among these, there is the gun element that makes the most of the PS5 controller’s capabilities.

One button does two tasks.

True to what Sony promotes, game developers can customize and add different elements to the controller to match the gameplay. The left trigger has two modes. When pressed lightly, Selene will aim, when pressed strongly, the weapon will switch to a special firing mode.

Taking Returnal as an example, it can be seen that aiming and switching the gun state is only at one button. Very convenient, considering that combat scenes can quickly become chaotic, with enemy bullets flying at you from all sides.

If you’ve played DOOM Eternal, immediately apply the philosophy of “continuously attacking, continuously moving forward” to Returnal’s battles. When you’re constantly moving, it’s harder for monsters to hit the player, and a skillful enough player will be able to run, fire, and glide to dodge attacks that come close to the side.

The new dodging ability is Selene’s strongest weapon.

And the “rewards” for highly skilled players.

Returnal has a very good “Adrenalin” mechanism. Every time you kill 3 enemies without taking damage, you will gain an adrenaline level. The higher the adrenaline level (max at level 5), the stronger your character will be.

– Level 1 allows you to change ammo more quickly.

– Level 2 allows Selene to detect enemies easily.

– Level 3 increases melee attack speed.

– Level 4 makes weapons level up faster.

– Level 5 causes each enemy to drop 50% more obolite – the currency that allows Selene to craft items in each playthrough.

Kill multiple enemies consecutively without taking damage, adrenaline will increase.

If you play well to not take damage, each green healer will help you increase Selene’s total health. Another “reward” for highly skilled players. To make boss fights easier, you will need as much health as possible.

You have good reflexes and dexterity in character navigation, you will turn Selene into a destruction machine on the planet Atropos.

The boss of the first area.


Astronaut Selene’s journey begins with an accident: she crashes her ship to a planet outside Atropos’ control area, in search of a mysterious signal she names the White Shadow – White Shadow. Not far away, Selene discovered a body lying on the ground, wearing the uniform of Astra – the aerospace company where she was working.

Picking up her hat, Selene suddenly realized that it had her name on it! This unnatural event made Selene (and the player) even more curious, continuing to follow the signal, deep into the forest. Selene continues to discover the ruins of a lost civilization, using the weapons and items they left behind to try to go further.

Review Returnal exclusive PS5 a good reason for you to buy a new generation PlayStation | Apps/Games

The landing was not smooth.

Review Returnal exclusive PS5 a good reason for you to buy a new generation PlayStation | Apps/Games

Whose body looks familiar?

Faced with a series of dangers, such as strange creatures, traps born of machines that are still working, Selene eventually dies. But to her surprise, she woke up to find herself lying next to her ship that had just been in an accident. Selene finds herself trapped in a time loop.

In the process of finding the truth, Selene has flashbacks of the past, even seeing her home on Earth existing in the woods. Selene is not sure what caused this hallucination.

Review Returnal exclusive PS5 a good reason for you to buy a new generation PlayStation | Apps/Games

Why is there an Earth house in the middle of this strange planet?

After Selene went through about a dozen “reincarnations”, she also subdued the final boss of the area, receiving the key to continue to the second stage, in order to track the mysterious White Ball signal.

Reaching the red sand desert area, Selene’s task is to find the top of the mountain range hidden behind the wind and sand. The White Ball signal is still coming from there. Along the way, Selene hears recordings of beings in other “repetitions”, who have perished on the way to find…

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