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Revealing the secret disaster response team of the founder of Google: a member of the army, armed with high-tech devices

When Super Typhoon Dorian struck the Bahamas in September last year, the small island of Abaco became the worst hit when the storm’s strongest winds swept for two consecutive days.

Shortly after the storm passed, before the authorities could even arrive, a team of quick response to the disaster was here on a high-speed superyacht. Not only cut down the disordered trees on the road so survivors can find their way to the medical team, doctors and nurses help treat nearly one tenth of the island’s population.

In addition, the naval experts of the relief group also use sonar systems to explore obstacles on the sea floor, find a way for relief boats to dock, while aviation experts set up. The mobile air traffic control system for Abaco airport was badly damaged. The rescue team even provided satellite images of the damage to the Bahamas government.

A recent report by The Daily Beast, this rapid response team is developed by Global Support and Development (GSD), a secret charity created by Google co-founder Sergey Brin. What is special is that, unlike normal charities, half of the GSD’s employees are from the military and the force itself is also run by Brin’s former bodyguards.

The billionaire’s secret disaster response team

The idea of ​​the GSD began in March 2015, when the island of Vanuatu was hit by tornado Pam, resulting in many households losing their homes, electricity and water. Using the $ 80 million yacht of billionaire Sergey Brin parked nearby, the captain of the ship Mike Gregory and Grant Dawson, the private bodyguard of the Brin family, brought a doctor and 5 nurses on board. and 62 tons of fresh water came to aid the islanders.

Revealing the secret disaster response team of the founder of Google a member of the army armed with high tech devices | Technology iced tea

Two weeks later, the group continued to take part in relief efforts in the Kathmandu region, which was struck by a devastating earthquake. The relief operations of the group remained silently in subsequent years with earthquakes in Ecuador and super typhoon Matthew in the Bahamas in 2016, as well as air support for World Hope International to Turkey. and Caicos island in 2017.

By the end of 2018, Mr. Brin officially established the GSD as a non-profit humanitarian organization, of which Mr. Brin is the only person appointed to the board of directors of the organization as well as the only person who sponsors it. . Besides Mr. Dawson, Mr. Eric Powell, another former Brin security officer was also appointed to the position of director.

Since then, GSD has grown rapidly. So far, this group has about 20 full-time employees, most of whom have been trained in health, along with 100 other outside contractors.

High-tech equipment like in Hollywood

And just like the usual humanitarian relief force of movie billionaires, it’s not just half of the military-born staff who can respond quickly and effectively to situations. complex, even when little is known about the local context – they also get the support of modern high-tech equipment.

Revealing the secret disaster response team of the founder of Google a member of the army armed with high tech devices | Technology iced tea

Sergey Brin, billionaire and co-founder of Google.

Starting off as a “borrowed” $ 80 million Dragonfly superyacht from Sergey Brin, the group has so far built many other high-speed yachts worth several million dollars. Besides, there are unmanned aircraft to observe the terrain. The Daily Beast report also said that around the group’s headquarters in San Francisco Bay, filled with shipping containers, with terrain vehicles and water skiing (Jet ski).

In addition to the usual vehicles, Brin also hired a former NASA expert to work with LTA Research and Exploration, to develop a new super balloon, about twice the size of the usual balloons. The current. These balloons will allow the relief team access to disaster areas more easily by air.

Revealing the secret disaster response team of the founder of Google a member of the army armed with high tech devices | Technology iced tea

The Dragonfly superyacht by Sergey Brin, with a length of 73m, is one of the fastest yachts in the world.

Last year, the company registered a flight for a balloon called Pathfinder 1, powered by 12 electric motors and can carry 14 people. However, instead of using batteries as usual, these engines use hydrogen gas to reduce weight.

The billionaire philanthropic philanthropic efforts often focus on addressing profound social problems such as finding new energy sources, curing AIDS, cancer, or producing vaccines like those of the Bill Gates Foundation, seeking efforts combating climate change with Mr. Bezos’ $ 10 billion, or sponsoring flu vaccinations for children of Mr. Page, another co-founder of Google.

Meanwhile, setting up a fast disaster response team, based on high-tech equipment, like Mr. Brin’s is the most realistic humanitarian effort since billionaire Richard Branson used his own balloon. for detecting minefields in Kosovo in 2001. Another notable thing is that unlike the usual public information of other charities, GSD’s activities are as secretive as his actions. The owner of this organization, billionaire Sergey Brin.

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