Revealing the identity of the father of the witcher Geralt: a rude swordsman, a jobless and only interested in money?

In The Witcher universe, professional monster hunters often undergo extreme training and body mutations even when they are children. Geralt is no exception. In the final episode of season 1, the audience also partly witnessed the story of how the White Wolf became a witcher: He was abandoned by his mother, Visenna, and picked up by the old witcher Vesemir. Radio Kaer Morhen for conception and training.

If you do not know, Visenna is a monk, physician, as well as a powerful magician. However, unlike her peers, she retains her fertility and eventually gives birth to our famous witcher. However, Visenna’s brief appearance at the end of season 1 has made many viewers curious: Who is Geralt’s father? Will he still be alive? And how did you get acquainted with Visenna?

Visenna, Geralt’s mother, appeared on the small screen in the final episode of season 1.

In fact, the novel of the same name by writer Andrzej Sapkowski never directly identified who is Geralt’s father. The only clue that fans have is the short story chapter “The Road With No Return”, in the series “Something Ends, Something Begins”. It is known that this is a collection of stories Sapkowski wrote as a gift for the marriage of his friend, and has no direct connection with the witcher saga’s main plot.

“The Road With No Return” revolves around the story of a meeting between Visenna and Korin – who is most likely Geralt’s father. Korin is described as having a tall, blonde hair, slightly thin face and square, healthy chin. He is a mercenary swordsman who is only interested in making money from fighting and has no kindness to help anyone else (a trait quite similar to a witcher). However, just like Geralt in the rare occasions when his feelings overcame reason, Korin has also sometimes moved compassionate hands to support those in danger.

Revealing the identity of the father of the witcher Geralt a rude swordsman a jobless and only interested in money | Living

It is possible that Korin is the father of Geralt, as he once spent a lot of time with Visenna.

Visenna happened to meet Korin when he was seriously injured on the roadside. With her medical knowledge and abilities, she helped Korin restore her health, while at the same time protecting nearby villagers from Frenegal monk and the monster Koshchey. The fire near the straw for a long time is also sharp, Visenna and Korin develop feelings for each other after the birth and death. “The Road With No Return” ends with the two people exchanging a romantic kiss, and did not reveal any other related details.

In the comic book adaptation of “The Road With No Return”, it is added that Korin lost his life on his journey, shortly after meeting Visenna. It is possible that before his death he and his lover spent a long time and helped Geralt to the world without even knowing it.

In the series Time of Contempt (of witcher saga), Geralt once shared with Vilgefortz that: “My father, from the very little information I had, was an unjust, rude mercenary and only wandering around.“. These descriptions are in a way, quite consistent with Korin’s work and personality.

Revealing the identity of the father of the witcher Geralt a rude swordsman a jobless and only interested in money | Living

Geralt has never had a chance to meet his father.

At the time Netflix revealed the casting roster for The Witcher season 1, fans were a bit surprised to see the name Korin, and assumed that the studio would take a closer look at Geralt’s origins. However, it turns out that this Korin is just one of the boys playing knuckle with Ciri in the street of Cintra, not the father of the White Wolf. Visenna also only appeared in a very short film scene to heal Geralt, then immediately departed as in the original.

By the end of season 1, Geralt has turned 150 years old, while Korin is just a normal person who has not experienced any bodily mutations. So, even if he was still alive when Geralt was born, there is a high chance that it does not exist at this time. However, as showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich once shared, The Witcher season 2 will bring a lot of flashback scenes to clarify details that happened in the past and their impact on reality. So there’s still a chance we’ll see Korin on the small screen as well as his meeting with Visenna.

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