Revealing super platform technology “made in Vietnam” serving over 1 billion users since 2005!

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With a network of extremely unique, diverse and constantly updated news articles, news sites always receive the attention of a large number of readers. Content strength is undeniable, but the way to serve it the fastest, to the most readers is also a key to helping the news platform maintain its popularity and coverage for the past 15 years. .

Readers today often have a very high demand for flexibility and variety of choices. Besides, the needs of readers are unpredictable with the number of viewers that may spike when “hot” news appears. And especially these traffic needs to be processed in real time.

Not only that, to create the best user experience, news sites have applied technologies to help deliver relevant content and ads such as CDN, integrating more online video streaming technologies to keep up with the taste of watching videos instead of just reading the news as before.

Meanwhile, online applications and games are also areas that require rigorous experience and speed. Requirements for the ability to download, compress, transmit large amounts of data, serve a surge in users, and connect to the end smoothly are the tasks that must be completed.

All these issues are taken care of by BizFly Cloud’s powerful equipment infrastructure. Take advantage of the ability to rapidly scale to meet the increasing and decreasing demand, high stability, infinite storage space at low cost, the system can handle up to millions of requests / s .

Thanks to the solid, stable and secure cloud platform below with outstanding digital solutions such as Cloud Server with “huge” capacity, anti-DDoS website attack solution, load balancing Balancer…, during the development journey, VCCorp has served more than 1 billion users.

Over 1 billion users – 15 years – 1 platform

BizFly Cloud (formerly VCCloud) is a powerful cloud computing platform behind the success of VCCorp – a leading company in the media and technology sector in Vietnam.

Stemming from the goal of ensuring a stable infrastructure for more than 200 online news sites and many internal VCCorp projects, in 2012 VCCloud built a Private Cloud system. By 2014, VCCloud launched the Public Cloud system, providing Cloud Server services to individuals / organizations outside of VCCorp. In 2018, VCCloud officially changed its name to BizFly Cloud. And by 2020, the 3rd Data Center has been successfully deployed in Ho Chi Minh City with the preeminent Multi DataCenter running model.

Not only serving infrastructure for internal platforms, BizFly Cloud also aims to support businesses to use and integrate quality cloud services right in Vietnam. easy way.

To do this, BizFly Cloud has built a diverse solution system with nearly 20 products to help meet many requirements of smooth operations, Big Data, AI, API …, synchronous with the public ecosystem. BizFly technology includes dozens of solutions for digitalization, marketing, and convenient automation such as: free lifetime chatbot, automated sales management, email marketing … The integration of additional tools for any needs can be done. easy after just a few clicks without incurring any additional costs.

Contributing in a strong ecosystem, outstanding solutions can be mentioned: Cloud Server, CDN, Load Balancer, Simple Storage, Anti-DDoS, DNS, Business Email, VPN site to site, Auto-Scaling, Container Registry , Cloud Watcher, Drive, Call Center …

Revealing super platform technology made in Vietnam serving over 1 billion users since 2005 | Internet

With more than 200 employees and 100+ technology engineers on Cloud, AI, Big Data platforms and a digital network covering 94% of Vietnamese internet users, BizFly Cloud has been trusted by more than 3000 customers to become partners for their potential projects. Including many large enterprises such as Vingroup, VTV, Northern Dat Xanh, Thu Cuc Aesthetic Hospital, Sapo, Kids Plaza, …

Being one of the four core enterprises in the “Campaign to promote digital transformation by cloud computing technology” of the Ministry of Information and Communications, fully meeting all technical criteria and criteria of the cloud computing platform. Cloud for e-government / e-government, BizFly Cloud continues to aim to complete a “make in Vietnam” cloud solution system, developed and owned by Vietnam.

BizFly Cloud – The lowest cost multi-service provider of cloud computing.

Readers are interested in the cloud solutions provided by BizFly Cloud and receive up to 3 months FREE use of all services accessible at:

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