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Revealed iPhone 9 with 3 extremely strange colors HOT in 2020

Many sources believe that the iPhone 9 will be assembled when the devotees celebrate the New Year and release it in March.

1. iPhone 9 with 3 striking colors

iPhone 9 comes in 3 versions: Red, Black and White. Although it sounds like the new iPhone has the design of the iPhone 8, there is no information on the yellow option. The back only has a single camera with LED flash and the bad apple logo is still in the middle.

Recalling a little more information about iPhone 9 for others you do not know. It has a 4.7-inch screen with a very thick border, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, equipped with powerful A13 Bionic powerful processor, combined with 3 GB RAM and 64 GB of internal memory.

Looking at the above figures, it is known that the iPhone 9 has been updated to the new iOS operating system for many years, the source suggested that the price should be at 399 USD (9.2 million), but it is important for Vietnam.

2. Design familiar with new life styles

Revealed iPhone 9 with 3 extremely strange colors HOT in 2020 | Mobile & Social

Of course, the iPhone 9 design you see in this article is just a leak, but when it’s attached to Onleaks or Slashleaks, its chances of becoming true are very high. There is a type of leak that many people do not know is that manufacturers will rely on “reputable sources” to distribute their products before launch, the actual similarity will depend on each party.

3. Design iPhone 9

Back to the main issue, this iPhone 9 looks compact, the screen is quite thick, the Touch ID fingerprint scanner is back and it is not clear if Face ID will appear. The back is the frosted glass model of the iPhone 11 Pro, not the glossy type like iPhone 8.

The frame is converted to glossy plating like iPhone X and above. Because of the iPhone 8-like design, this product is unlikely to have many breakthroughs in design.

4) Upgrade the processor and camera

Revealed iPhone 9 with 3 extremely strange colors HOT in 2020 | Mobile & Social

iPhone 9 will only have a single main camera, the image shows its sensor is quite large and much thicker than that of iPhone 8. This means the camera will be much improved.

Next, the processor of the device will be A13 Bionic which is being equipped for the iPhone 11. The remaining specifications have not been disclosed, but we can predict the RAM will be from 2GB, internal memory from 64GB. and 1500mAh battery and above.

5. Expected price and release date

As usual, there will be an Apple event in March. Therefore, it is highly likely that the launch date of iPhone 9 and some other products will be announced at this time, not CES 2020 or MWC 2020.

The iPhone 9 is rumored to cost $ 50 less than the iPhone 8, but with the upgraded camera and processor, Apple could raise it to $ 450 – $ 500 (about 10.4). – VND 11.5 million).

According to: Gizchina, Remax Vietnam

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