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Reuters: Samsung Display is working to apply for a license to supply Huawei displays

According to the ReutersSamsung Display is looking to overcome obstacles from the US to supply Huawei displays. Previously, according to sources, Samsung and LG decided to stop selling screens to Huawei from September 15.

On the LG Display side, the US sanctions against Huawei do not affect the company too much because the number of screens supplied to Huawei is not too large.

For those unaware, the US is tightening restrictions on Huawei. The Trump administration has recently added a number of strict new regulations, making it difficult for telecom giant Huawei to access key components and technologies that are made by the US or originated in the United States. Companies wishing to continue selling US technology to Huawei will have to obtain a special license from the US government.

Reuters Samsung Display is working to apply for a license to supply Huawei displays | ICT News

Previously, the US Department of Commerce only introduced preparations related to semiconductors and services. But now the US side has extended the ban to include other components and American technology in general.

Currently, Huawei is on “survival mode” when purchasing and storing a large amount of components to cope with the storms ahead. But it remains to be seen whether Samsung Display can find a way to get the license.

Also in the past week, Samsung and Sk Hynix have declare will stop supplying Huawei components under pressure from US authorities. Samsung is the main supplier of the image sensor and OLED panel while SK Hynix is ​​a supplier of memory chips for Huawei. These are all important sources of components for smartphone manufacturing.

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