Research: The rich are living nearly 10 years longer than the poor

According to a study conducted by University College London (UCL), UK, getting richer may be a way to increase your life expectancy. The disparity is even more significant, with the rich living 10 years longer than the poor.

During the years of his life, the rich also often live healthier, less disabled or impaired function in the body.

Research: The rich are living 10 years longer than the poor

Recently published in the Journal of Geriatrics, the UCL study analyzed a set of data from more than 25,000 middle-aged and elderly people in the US and UK. These people are all over 50 years old and are involved in two major population research programs, the British Aging Study and the US Retirement Health Research.

Research data began to be collected in 2002 and these programs closely monitor participants’ health for decades.

From this data set, the scientists found that the health and longevity patterns in both the United Kingdom and the United States overlap in many respects. In particular, both data sets show that the rich in our country live significantly longer than the poor.

According to the analysis, men over the age of 50 with the largest wealth in the UK and the US can live healthy until the age of 81. Meanwhile, the poorest people only live to about 72-73 years old

The same pattern is observed in women. The richest women in the United States and the United Kingdom lived an average of 83 years of age with good health. And the poorest group of women is only healthy to 74-75 years old.

The researchers said that inequalities in healthy life exist in both countries and are similar in magnitude. “In both countries, efforts to reduce health inequalities should be directed to those in difficult socioeconomic groups.“they wrote.

A note about this study is that it has statistics on healthy life expectancy, not long life. A healthy life expectancy is defined as the age at which a person can live autonomously with good health, without disabilities and is dependent on their caregiver.

Dr. Paola Zaninotto, the lead author of the report emphasized: “While longevity is a useful indicator of health, the quality of life as we age is also important. By measuring a healthy life expectancy, we can estimate how many years a person can live with good health or no disability. “

“Our study provides a unique perspective to understand the level of inequality of health expectations in the UK and the US, two countries with very different health care systems.“she added.

Research The rich are living nearly 10 years longer than the poor | Live

Findings from recent statistics by the National Statistics Office (ONS) show that Britain’s richest people are growing their wealth almost four times faster than the poorest.

That means that the rich get richer faster, making wealth inequality more and more increasing.

From 2016 to 2018, the UK’s total assets increased by 13% to £ 14.6 trillion, with the increase in the value of assets and pensions. The top 10% of the richest population saw an 11% increase in wealth over the past 2 years, while the poorest quintile increased only 3%.

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