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Removing the charger on the iPhone 12 has long been in Apple’s plan

There have been rumors lately that the iPhone 12 series will no longer include a charger and a EarBuds headset. There are even rumors that Samsung will follow in the footsteps of Apple doing the same thing next year.

There are of course many explanations for this seemingly controversial decision, but the real reason why the iPhone 12 may not come with free accessories is not the way you might think.

After more than a decade of launching the iPhone, users will upgrade to iPhone 12 likely owning a charger and Lightning cable. And the iPhone 12 will still support the traditional Lightning charging port and even a charger with a capacity of up to 20W. However, people switching from Android to iPhone will probably need at least one iPhone charger.

Many laptops currently use USB-C charging ports and it is also compatible with iPhone 12. Not to mention a lot of users are using wireless charging for their devices and it will certainly support iPhone 12. .

Finally on the market there are many sockets equipped with additional USB ports, supporting charging many different devices, as long as it has a charging cable attached.

Removing the charger on the iPhone 12 has long been in Apple s plan | Technology iced tea

Similarly, more and more people are using wireless headsets, and the quality of these products is also getting better than with bundled EarPods. And the upcoming iPhone 12 series will certainly support all of those headset lines.

Apple’s move to save money by removing the charger and bundled headphones might be a way to help “lowering the starting price“of iPhone 12 to $ 649. But it is also possible “Help Apple make more money”.

So, what is Apple interested in deciding to remove two accessories that are important to most iPhone users?

Could an iPhone without a EarPods offer an invitation to buy wireless earphones like AirPods or Beats’ line of headphones?

Another argument worth considering is that removing the charger and headphones from the iPhone box is for the environment. Imagine, most smartphone users own accessories that are compatible with the iPhone 12, including chargers and headphones. So if Apple removes these two accessories, it can help reduce e-waste and consume natural resources.

However, many people believe that the real reason Apple dropped these accessories is because it is related to the future of the iPhone.

Apple will open a new charging trend in the mobile industry like “rabbit ears”

There have been many rumors surrounding Apple will eliminate Lightning port next year, that is, switch to using a new standard charging port, be it USB-C or completely wireless charging. Therefore, a device without a Lightning port will no longer be able to use the charger, charger cable and headphones using the old Lightning port.

Instead, portless iPhones will need wireless chargers like Apple AirPower. A leaker recently revealed that Apple will soon launch a universal charging accessory to serve its plan to turn the iPhone into a portless device. Earlier, some leaker had revealed that an iPhone 13 model coming next year would have no ports.

Even an iPhone without a port will work fine with AirPods and any Bluetooth enabled device. On top of that, this connection allows smartphones to wirelessly transfer data and pair devices with computers for easy synchronization and backup.

Removing the charger on the iPhone 12 has long been in Apple s plan | Technology iced tea

Remember the time back in 2016 when Apple first launched the iPhone 7. This was the first Apple iPhone to not have a 3.5mm headphone jack. Apple’s move then made the user community extremely indignant. But ironically, only Apple faces criticism while other Android smartphone makers do the same but don’t face too much criticism.

Apple’s “elimination” of the 3.5mm port is supposed to pave the way for the later release of the iPhone X. Google initially harshly criticized Apple’s decision to remove the headphone jack, but it was also Google that suddenly changed its mind when removing the headphone jack on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL series.

With iPhone 7, it is clear that Apple has prepared the necessary conditions to turn to the iPhone trend with an edge-to-edge screen that iPhone X is the “initiator”. Now removing the 3.5mm port is actually necessary because Apple will have more space to add components, increase battery life for new devices.

And of course, before the iPhone X launch, Apple chose to remove the 3.5mm jack early on iPhone 7 to help users

get used to the change

There is this abrupt part.

Removing the charger on the iPhone 12 has long been in Apple s plan | Technology iced tea

In addition, removing the 3.5mm port also helps Apple succeed in selling follow-up accessories, such as AirPods wireless headphones. Three years after its launch, AirPods are now becoming one of the best-selling and most successful wireless headsets. So clearly despite all controversy, Apple always chose to go against the crowd to achieve the set goals.

Just like the iPhone 7, the iPhone 12 series promises to be an important “hinge” that helps Apple shape the future of the iPhone and user habits. Apple is about to teach iPhone buyers that they no longer need a traditional charger and wired EarPods.

When iPhones no longer have ports, users get used to it, even learn to accept reality or at least know how and where to buy replacement accessories.

Ultimately, the elimination of chargers and bundled headphones promises to be a leverage that drives the industry forward and shifts to a new trend. Who knows, the trend of the future will be completely wireless charging and no more traditional wired chargers?

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