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Rediscover nonsense about Harry Potter trilogy (Part 2)

Harry Potter, the series that everyone should read once in a lifetime. There is so much to say about its greatness, but besides that, there are many ridiculous and meaningless things to funny. Let’s continue with Part 2 of the 20 most nonsensical things about the trio of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.

8. Using Lumos is also blamed

The Ministry of Magic is relatively tolerant of minor offenses. When Harry uses Lumos Maxima in the first part of the film, or in the bedroom at Privet Drive, they don’t care. The only reason the ministry was having trouble with Harry in the Phoenix Order was because the Department was trying to kick him out of Hogwarts.

9. Kindness is not in the right place

Rediscover nonsense about Harry Potter trilogy Part 2 | Khám phá

Sirius Black and Remus Lupine are ready to take revenge on Peter Pettigrew, but Harry interrupts and spares his life. Harry’s story of compassion is a good thing, but actually paints another picture. Pettigrew later escaped and rejoined Voldemort’s army. If Harry allowed revenge on Sirius Black, Voldemort’s rise in power would be delayed, as he would not have enough people to fulfill his plan in Goblet of Fire.

10. Saving lives and debt

Rediscover nonsense about Harry Potter trilogy Part 2 | Khám phá

When one witch saves the life of another, they receive a life debt from the person they save. This means that the saved person must repay the person who saved him or her, even if they hate the person who saved them. This relationship is so strong that Severus Snape has to do everything to preserve the life of Harry Potter, although the debt bearer is his father Harry.

We only know of two debts in the series, Severus Snape with James Potter and Peter Pettigrew with Harry Potter, but Harry saved many lives when the war ended, including Ginny Weasley, Arthur Weasley, and Ron Weasley. It is unclear if they owe Harry anything but in the story and in the film have never mentioned this.

11. Why try to join the Triwizard Tounament?

Rediscover nonsense about Harry Potter trilogy Part 2 | Khám phá

This point is related to a bigger question about the Goblet of Fire and the Triwizard Tournament, when Harry was forced to join even though he didn’t want to, otherwise something bad would happen. What is this bad thing has never been explained in the story.

If we accept the fact that Harry was forced to join the Triwizard, then why didn’t he refuse as soon as it started? We all know this is possible, because contestants can give up on the third test. If Harry didn’t want to risk his life and find out the plan of the guy who named him in the Goblet in the first place, why not give it up right then?

twelfth. Ways to discover facts are never used

Rediscover nonsense about Harry Potter trilogy Part 2 | Khám phá

One of the key elements of the plot in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is ​​that the wizarding world does not believe in Harry’s story of Voldemort’s return. There are actually many other ways to verify your words. One can use Legilimency to read Harry’s memory of the fateful night when Voldemort returned. Or use Pensieve to retrieve those memories and see, like how Dumbledore did when he retrieved the memory of Tom Riddle from Hokey. Or does the ministry think that Harry is strong enough to fool these methods?

13. Legend of Thestral

Rediscover nonsense about Harry Potter trilogy Part 2 | Khám phá

The details related to Thestral also have consistency in the story, but until the film is completely not. Harry witnessed Professor Quirrell disintegrate in the first film. Harry should have started seeing Thestral from that point on, but the movies overlook this detail. And the legend of Thestral is no longer true, although still appearing in the movie.

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