Redditor integrates the beautiful scenery in The Witcher 3 into the treadmill screen, each time exercising is one time to a game of excursions

The success of the Monster Hunter series on Netflix has made The Witcher of CD Projekt RED hot again in the worldwide gaming community. There were times in early 2020, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is constantly on the top of the games with the largest number of players on Steam, even surpassing the number when the game was released five years ago.. With beautiful graphics, compelling storylines and details, along with the push from Netflix, it’s no surprise that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt still gets so much attention.

Not only excellent in the main game, but 2 DLC versions of The Witcher 3 also received a lot of positive reviews from players. In particular, Blood and Wine can be considered as one of the expansion volumes with the most massive content in the gaming market in recent years. Besides the all-new storyline, it also opens up a beautiful Touissant kingdom that players have never experienced in the main game, with a style inspired by the architecture of the countryside in France, plus color gamut. bright warm. This has caused many gamers to be so fascinated that even after completing the game, they still linger to be able to wander and enjoy the dreamy beauty of Touissant.

Many gamers come to play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt just to see the beautiful scenery in this blockbuster game.

Recently, Redditor pird_berson22 sought to integrate the static scenery of Touissant into the screen of his treadmill. Not only displays images for fun, the screen will move around the map of this virtual kingdom based on the speed of the runner, and take them to different areas. In other words, now when exercising, pird_berson22 will be able to travel around Touissant easily, as if being really outdoors. Not to mention the first view will help this experience to be more complete and more complete (The Witcher 3 has a 3rd perspective).

Integrating The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt into the treadmill, every time you exercise, this gamer is traveling to Touissant.

This is an initiative that not only makes gamers excited, but even others are extremely excited. In the context of the complicated Covid-19 pandemic, many countries still have to apply social spacing measures to limit the spread of the disease. People are advised to stay indoors and only go out when absolutely necessary, avoiding public places or crowding. This can be considered as a torture for those who are active, active and especially like jogging outdoors.

However, with the development of today’s technology, they are completely able to create products like pird_berson22 has done with the treadmill and the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. On the other hand, game makers are also actively investing in games combined with mobilization to improve the health of gamers.

Some gaming systems, such as the Nintendo Switch, keep updating the list of games that require players to keep moving, even doing a few simple cardio exercises (such as Fitness Boxing). A similar sports game, Ring Fit Adventures, even sold out at the end of March, when a lot of people had to stay home to perform social isolation.

Redditor integrates the beautiful scenery in The Witcher 3 into the treadmill screen each time exercising is one time to a game of excursions | Live

Game makers are also focusing on developing products that can help players both entertain and mobilize to improve health.

In the current context, it is clear that running by machine is a very reasonable choice for those who like to exercise but cannot go out. And what’s more wonderful when you can just exercise, and enjoy the fresh, beautiful atmosphere of Touissant in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and then enjoy the first 8 episodes again. The Witcher’s first on Netflix while waiting for Season 2 to air, scheduled for 2021.

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