Quan Vu does not use dragon dragon yen moon blade but sword?

In China’s Three KingdomsThe image of Quan Vu with a red face, long beard, Dragon-yen moon blade in hand, riding Xich Tho horse, has killed many martial generals, so the next generation called Dragon-yen-moon blade Quan Dao. After Quan Vu’s death, the dragon dragon moon moon was taken by Phan Chuong, a general of Dong Ngo. In the end, Quan Hung, Quan Van Truong’s son, killed Phan Chuong to avenge his father and regained this dragon tree. Therefore, the dragon dragon moon moon and Quan Vu have become an inseparable symbol.

Quan Vu has a red face, a long beard, and holds Dragon fruit in his hand and rides a horse in Xich Tho

As described in China’s Three Kingdoms, The dragon dragon moon sword was forged by Quan Vu when he was preparing to fight the Yellow Scarf since one of the novels. Legend has it that the dragon fruit of Quan Vu weighs 82 pounds (about 49 kg today).

Dragon-dragon is a type of weapon with a sharp point, long handle, blade shaped like a semicircle, on the blade engraved with the dragon. Moon means curved like a half arc of the moon. When Quan Vu left the battlefield, it was often called Dragon Dragon Blade due to the green color of the blade when slashing at the enemy.

But in fact, in history, Quan Vu did not use dragon fruit, he used a different kind of weapon. Throughout the main history, during the Three Kingdoms period, no one used dragon fruit dragon moon moon. In fact, this weapon did not appear until the end of the Tang dynasty – the beginning of the Song (in the 900s). That is more than 700 years after Quan Vu was captured and executed by Dong Ngo’s army in 220.

Chinese historians all agree that, in the Three Kingdoms era, the technology of weapon manufacturing has not reached the sophistication to be able to make a large blade such as the dragon and the moon. describe.

Quan Vu does not use dragon dragon yen moon blade but sword | Manga/Film

In the Three Kingdoms period, there was not a large blade such as the dragon dragon sword.

During the Three Kingdoms period, it is true that certain types of blades were successfully crafted and used in battles. In the book Vu Kinh general weak The Song period has paintings depicting this type of blade. Three Kingdoms swords have a straight blade, one meter or more long, Dong Ngo’s blade is about 60 cm long, Thuc’s blade is about 1.2 meters or more long, a thick and sturdy blade, a sharp blade next to it, the tip of the blade is not sharp, but there is a round end tied with a cloth to wrap firmly around the wrist to prevent the blade from falling out of the hand when beating, suddenly.

Although in the Three Kingdoms period there was no dragon-yen-moon blade, but a wooden-rolled long blade (long blade) was likely used. The two weapons that the generals of the Three Kingdoms period such as La Bo, Trieu Van, Truong Phi, Ma Sieu … used mainly attacks, spears and contradictions that caused damage by stabbing.

Quan Vu does not use dragon dragon yen moon blade but sword | Manga/Film

Quan Vu actually does not use Dragon-yen moon blade, but is another weapon.

In historical documents, it is not recorded what kind of weapon Quan Vu used. The oldest book about Quan Vu’s weapon is Ancient metal sword green sword written in the 5th century, it is recorded that Quan Vu took iron from Vo Do mountain forged two swords. The notes in Records of the Three Kingdoms on the event that Vu killed Nhan Luong, it was recorded like this: “Vu saw the command flag of Luong word, urged his horse to stab Luong among ten thousand people, cut off his head”. However, it is not clear what weapon he used to stab.

From this episode, many people commented that at this moment there are two movements, one is stabbing, two is slashing, many people only remember clearly the previous part is “stabbing” without paying attention to the next “cut”. There were also people who looked after their faces and took pictures, claiming that Quan Vu stabbed Nhan Luong to death and then got off his horse using a knife to cut off his head.

This is an unreasonable way of saying, when two opposing troops the general is injured or the archer is defeated, the archer will shoot arrows, and the soldiers in the front line will risk their lives for aid, leaving you to get off the horse. His head?

Therefore, analyzing from one stab, two slash, the qi in Quan Vu’s hand, if not a hit, spear or contradiction, there is no way to accomplish the above.

And many researchers agree, maybe Quan Vu used to forge swords to use, but when he stormed on the battlefield, this general actually used contradictions, jacks … every time he went to battle, not a sword or dragon dragon. blade.

However, the question of whether Quan Vu uses weapons from the … future is still a subject of controversy. Nonetheless, the image of Quan Vu associated with Dragon and Yen Dao is still widely accepted and it still has a great influence on culture and sports today.

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