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PUBG: The gamer in question, said that there is a list of hackers that Bluehole ‘protects’ and has been reported hundreds of times.

Everyone knows that hack cheat is one of the prerequisites to harm PUBG, bringing this game not only downhill without braking but also at risk of becoming a dead game in the near future. Therefore, it is understandable that Bluehole as well as PUBG Corp have made many efforts to invest, care for their reporting and anti-hack system. But not so that the hack cheat reduced, even recently, the online community also appeared a post from PUBG gamers asking whether there is a possibility that hackers are covered and tolerated. , to be “immune” to PUBG Corp.’s hacking and discipline defense system.

A Reddit status line of a PUBG gamer denounced the appearance of a “whitelist” that allows players to remain forever banned, no matter how many times they hack cheats

Temporarily translate the message line of the gamer guy:

Do you think, PUBG has a “white list” where cheat hackers will never get banned or punished.

In another article, there was an FPP solo mode hacker who casually commented that he was put on a “whitelist.” So there will never be a ban, ban for his actions (maybe he is the son of some VIP reasonable). He has been cheating for two consecutive seasons, with over 500 matches and has been reported many times by streamers, even sent directly to PUBG Corp through PUBG and Twitter forums. And as we can see, he’s still playing games every day as a laugh at PUBG Corp’s anti-hack cheat system.

So I suspect the white list is just a conspiracy theory, or it does exist“.

PUBG The gamer in question said that there is a list of hackers that Bluehole protects and has been reported hundreds of times | Game Online

The account parameters of the players who claim to be in the “white list”

Posts quickly received the attention of PUBG gamers. Many people agree with the deduction of the owner. However, some pointed out many unreasonable things, when it was clear that PUBG Corp would not benefit from the incident. Just discredited from the online community, just lost money to buy new accounts from players banned by hack cheat. Damage both roads, perhaps no one foolish to do.

However, it is not excluded that the account of a real VIP. Just know that, PUBG is becoming a dead game because of the cheat hack.

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