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PUBG: Being ‘ganking a stamp’ was caught by his wife to take care of the child, the IQ gamer guy, thinking of a one-handed game that still made two surprises, all surprise

For every gamer, interrupting and disturbing gaming is definitely one of the most hated things in the world. Even for fathers, being in the middle of playing games while being forced to sit by their wives is even more a disaster. Falling in that situation, everyone felt uncomfortable and most pity stopped playing the game. However, the infinity IQ father below has devised an extremely convincing method to look after his children while playing games while still having a highlight to his life.

He was shaking the game when his wife forced him to look after his children

Accordingly, in the clip that is being shared and spread at a dizzying pace on Reddit, the main character here is the guy Nitesen, an experienced PUBG gamer, though old and married, but still full. enthusiasm. Being playing the heat game and full of opportunities to enter the top 1, he suddenly encountered a difficult problem, when his wife called and asked to look after the intense fighting. However, in the difficulty it shows the wisdom, this gamer still thinks of a very subtle way to be able to continue playing the game and still one hand hugging his children as his wife instructed.

The clip is being spread at breakneck speed on PUBG forums

Specifically, Nitesen put two petrol tanks at the entrance to the stairs, and climbed to the entrenched house. Hold your baby with one hand, hold the mouse around the wheel to keep the baby still. Then like a fortuneteller, in a raid phase, Nitesen merely left-clicked, and thus had the easiest, but also the most delicate Double Kill in his career, making the PUBG gaming community was aroused, applauded the intelligence from the father of game enthusiasts.

PUBG Being ganking a stamp was caught by his wife to take care of the child the IQ gamer guy thinking of a one handed game that still made two surprises all surprise | Game Online

Simple and clean Double Kill phase of young fathers

However, there are still some ideas that it would be dangerous if Nitesen let his children watch such violence and gore. But he also reassured the fans, sharing that he often taught his children to see blood as a form of syrup jam to avoid affecting the perception of children. Just playing good games, just having good family sense is extremely intelligent, what a PUBG model.

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