Profit will not be able to play in the VCS Summer 2020

Although officially joined Team Flash and be on the registration list for the Supreme Challenge showmatch, but it is possible Profit can play in the tournament VCS The upcoming Summer season is still open

Because, according to the share of “insiders” such as BLV Ling Cao Thu or BLV Hoang Luan, VCS has never had a rule allowing foreign soldiers to compete. So the fact that Team Flash signed a contract with Profit made the gaming community “disturbed” more information.

Recently, Mr. Nguyen Phuong – Director of Team Flash Organization, officially spoke about this information. Sharing with the media, Mr. Nguyen Phuong has confirmed that Profit will not be able to participate in the Summer 2020 VCS as a player due to competition rules for foreign soldiers at VCS. Instead, he will contribute his expertise as a member of the coaching staff, helping to develop tactics as well as evaluate the team’s play.

To make it easy to imagine, we can take the example of Mata, when he was wearing SKT T1 in the Summer 2019 tournament. But it works like an assistant coach besides kkOma and SKT’s coaching team.

This is understandable, because VCS has never had a precedent for using foreign soldiers, and the appearance of Profit really brought great surprises. So it is not strange that the laws related to the use of foreign soldiers are not complete.

Profit will not be able to play in the VCS Summer 2020 | Esports

With the sharing from Team Flash’s management, Profit’s presence at VCS Summer 2020 will be confined behind the scenes. However, on a more optimistic side, the fact that Team Flash signed a contract with Profit even though he has not been allowed to play, also shows that this team has a long-term plan with the Korean rookie.

In addition, Profit’s contract, although not proving much in terms of expertise, can still be considered a historic turning point for the development of VCS. The precedent named Profit is likely to affect the completion of competition rules for foreign soldiers, making VCS a good place for other League of Legends stars in the future.

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