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Professional Mangaka: What do you know about this super special job?

Perhaps just hearing the term Mangaka, you can easily imagine the work of these people. Basically, Mangaka is used to refer to the creators, making manga-style manga in Japan. Their main task is also quite simple, shaping comic characters, building storylines to attract and attract as many readers as possible.

It may not sound complicated, but Mangaka is a profession that has buried countless careers of talented people. Becoming a Mangaka is not easy, living with a career is even more challenging. And if you are cherishing your dream of becoming a professional mangaka, you definitely cannot skip the following basic steps.

Equip with basic skills

Right from the time you are in school, equip yourself with the necessary skills to serve your future dreams. Becoming a Mangaka means that you definitely have to be able to draw, both drawing pencil and coloring creatively. If possible, hone these basic skills through art subjects and courses.

Equipment with basic skills is quite necessary

In addition, never neglect the discourse subjects, literature. You need to build a logical and suitable plot for your character. So, seriously invest your time in these subjects.

Create a group of people with similar interests and dreams

This is quite useful, when gathering people with similar interests and goals not only helps you to be more motivated and to enjoy your work better, but it also opens up a lot of ideas as well as Your future chance on the journey to become a professional Managaka too.

Professional Mangaka What do you know about this super special job | Khám phá

Creating a group of people who love manga will make you more inspired

In addition, it is also a way for you to hone your knowledge, skills and learn and share experiences from like-minded people. Such a learning and competitive environment is sure to be much more ideal than if you were walking alone.

Sign up for more knowledge and certification

You may not believe it, but Mangaka is a widely recognized profession, not only in Japan but in developed countries around the world. In the US, a number of universities also open their studies, as well as have a graduate certificate in comic arts.

If not, choose to study in Japan. Here, if you are passionate and determined, you absolutely can earn a bachelor’s degree or doctorate in manga production.

Make your own manga

Normally, to become a professional Mangaka, you need to make a manga work yourself, before submitting it to publishers waiting to hear reviews and be thrilled to see if your work is published. is not. But, making your own manga isn’t easy.

Create a compelling storyline

Even though the manga is a comic book series based on images, you still need a compelling storyline to motivate readers. The themes of the manga are always varied, from horror, love, adventure …

So let your brain be natural and thinking, and at the same time keep yourself really comfortable. If you feel your creativity is constrained and constrained, go out and relax.

Professional Mangaka What do you know about this super special job | Khám phá

Thinking of a manga plot is of utmost importance

Try starting with one idea on a piece of paper, then the next with the connection idea. Combine the pieces of paper, if you are lucky you will have a story throughout.

Creating your own manga is difficult, but certainly not impossible.

Create your own character and style

The lines and character styles also need to be taken care of. Basically, you need to draw the character from all angles, find clothes, hair, proportions to suit the requirements of the storyline.

But that’s just the superficial factors, building a character is also extremely important such as hobbies, religion or even shortcomings, because in this world, no one is perfect. good. And don’t forget to build motivation for the main character.

Professional Mangaka What do you know about this super special job | Khám phá

Character creation is a very important step

Step by step, you are gradually completing your manga. There is still one final step, however, that is how to get your series published.

Professional Mangaka What do you know about this super special job | Khám phá

Don’t be discouraged, but work hard even if your work is not received

For this, always prepare a copy of the series. You can use either a laser printer or a high quality copier. Before that, research the producers, see which is the right place and often publish the series with the style most similar to your work.

In the event that you do not publish, you will also receive useful advice from the publisher. And please take advantage of it to help yourself improve. Don’t be discouraged, there are still plenty of opportunities waiting for you ahead.

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