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Prime Minister allowed to pilot ‘mobile money’

The Government has just issued Resolution No. 84 on tasks and solutions to continue removing difficulties for production and business, promoting disbursement of public investment capital and ensuring social order and safety in the context of a pandemic. COVID-19.

One of the remarkable contents is to agree to pilot license to use telecommunications accounts to pay for goods and services of small value (mobile money). “Licensing the pilot according to the Prime Minister’s decision on approving the pilot deployment of using payment telecommunications accounts for goods and services of small value (mobile money)“, The Resolution stated.

The Government’s Resolution takes effect from the signing date. Thus, with the consent of the Government, people will soon be able to pay without cash without having a bank account. According to experts, when mobile money is deployed, it will be a push for cashless payment, especially in remote areas.

Besides, the Government also agreed to reduce 50% of registration fees for domestically manufactured and assembled cars.

Accordingly, registration fee for domestically manufactured and assembled cars will be reduced by 50% by the end of 2020, in order to stimulate consumption of this product after COVID-19.

At the same time, excise taxes on domestically manufactured and assembled cars arising from March will also be extended to the end of 2020. The Government assigns ministries and branches to study and amend the consumption tax regulations. Special sales support the development of domestic production.

Reducing the registration fee does not help to reduce the price of the vehicle, but will reduce the cost of rolling. Registration fee currently varies from 10-15% depending on the locality.

In addition, the Government Resolution 84 also provides a range of solutions to support other difficulties. Specifically, a 15% reduction of the land rent payable in 2020 for businesses, households and individuals who are renting land directly from the state, but having to stop business due to COVID-19’s influence.

With aviation, aviation businesses are exempt from guarantee arising in 2020 with loans guaranteed by the Government, with outstanding loans until December 31, 2019; 50% discount on the price of takeoff and landing and the price of a flight control service to domestic flights for 6 months (March to September). In addition, specialized aviation services regulated by the State will apply a price of VND 0 until the end of September.

Enterprises are allowed to account the contribution, support and prevention of COVID-19 to reasonable expenses deducted when calculating corporate income tax.

Particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises, the loan interest rate for SMEs will be reduced by 2%.

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